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    I am where ????
  1. Candids

    Trouble Andrew - Uh Oh
  2. Motion

    haha.Very cool! Everyone in their mom is gonna ask for all those clips & photos in the background! Now we wait for someone to translate !
  3. [Video] Avatars

    I love all of them!! They are soo fantastic !
  4. Candids

    Photos from the Vogue Spain Issue June coming up ! http://www.vogue.es/articulos/bienvenida-adriana/7161 But ya know I am not quite advanced in this pic posting.. But they are great ! found via source Adriana Lima Facebook Page
  5. Miscellaneous

    does anyone know what this picture means? or what she is saying? thanks
  6. What did you last buy!

    creamer for mi starbucks coffee
  7. Black & White Photography

    who is the chick with the wings? and what editoral is it? oringinal ... grazie!
  8. Funny Videos

    Snuggie CULT!!!!!! LMAO!!!! oops gotta bag mines now shit!
  9. Which song is in your head?

    Amy Winehouse ~ Procrastination
  10. Candids

    love those 2!!! she looks amazing Gorgous Goddess...
  11. Which song is in your head?

    Bullet For My Valentine ~ Hearts Burst into Fire
  12. Fan Talk

    I know you guys are tired of hearing about who resembles Miss Lima.. But i was watching GIRLICOUS from the next PCD.& the girl Jenna resembles Lima quite well....look her up she has a music myspace page..lemme knw what cha guyz think ? peace out!
  13. Motion

    OMG! Your awesome! That is sooooo Trump Tight!
  14. Motion

    someone plllllleeeeaaaasssseeee cap this vid!
  15. Editorials

    all of you do know you can go to GQ.com.I just read the article & watched the most amazing beautiful video ever of AdRi... go check it out! u can get a poster of her too!