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Amelia Racine

Nationality: Canadian

Ehtnicity: Brazilian

height: 170 - 5' 7"

bust: 84 - 33"

waist: 65 - 25"

hips: 89 - 35"

shoes: 37,5 - 6

hair color: Brown

eyes: Brown

Mother Agency: Specs- Montreal


Model Plus- Milan

Visage Models- Zurich

Body& Soul , Hamburg

b&m models ,Toronto

Fleming models-Barcelona


IMM models-Dusseldorf


post-43653-0-1446095407-59387_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446095407-63117_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446095407-65377_thumb.jpg

post-43653-0-1446095407-67675_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446095407-7044_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446095407-7257_thumb.jpg

post-43653-0-1446095407-75946_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446095407-79483_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446095407-82287_thumb.jpg

post-43653-0-1446095407-84332_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446095407-87056_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446095407-89788_thumb.jpg

post-43653-0-1446095407-91676_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446095407-94545_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1446095407-97091_thumb.jpg

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she is very pretty but she's a bit short.

5'7" isn't short by any means. most major agencies in high fashion markets lie about models height. also some of the most successful models are 5'7" including several "supermodels". most models would kill to have as many agencies as Amelia.

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