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Hi Everyone Hi


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Hey guys,

normally I welcome new members, but I guess this time I have to be welcomed (hopefully this won't be the first topic without any replies >.<).

Well, for those who are interested...my name in english is horace. But who cares? I don't. lawl.

Feel free to ask me for anything, if I can't help (or I'm too lazy) I'l tell you. I guess you're only interessted in my favourite model.

It's Alessandra (so you'll find me in her forum). So I know some guys here.

If you honestly read until here you must been bored 0.o

Anyway. I hope we'll have a good time here :wave:


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heya horaz^^:D


guess this time you are the new guy^^:p

Psst. Don't tell ^^

welcome man :wave: sure youll find plenty of Ale fans round these parts

I am sure I will :)

Thanks for the welcome everyone :wave:

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NERD !!!! :D Been lookin for me eh ??? :shifty: !!!

Your more welcome than just kill Mbinebri for me :evil:

Yes I was ;)

Hey man, I'm glad to see you her too.


Thank you :)

Send your thanks or hate messages to TeeKay who brought me to this fourm :p

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