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  1. I just saw this the other night and it was the funniest movie I've seen in a long time. It's done as a mockumentary and just had such an excellent cast.
  2. RunwayDreamer

    help !

    Wow, no clue lol, sorry triske!
  3. Pretty hooked on this show so far and it's nice to have something so well acted and directed.
  4. Such a class act and a cutie!
  5. anyone excited to watch Scream Queens?
  6. I've heard this was pretty good, but haven't checked it out yet. Probably wait until it's a download or on Netflix.
  7. That musical bit with Bert really was surreal, but done in such a way that only Mad Men could so that it actually made narrative and thematic sense. Really interesting mid-season finale (and ugh do they really need to break up a season into two 7-episode halves?)
  8. She still looks so good for her age! PS This thread has been going since 2004? Lol, almost at the decade mark. Good for you Anna...
  9. Man of Steel was soooo boring. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed super hero movies before (like the Dark Knight trilogy), but this one was just so bland. I can't believe the same guy who made 300 made this also.
  10. Season 3 is really, really good so far. I loved Season 2 (in the asylum) as well, but this whole witches/coven idea is just too good. I love how everybody who gets killed off is getting resurrected zombie style, it's hilarious and creepy all at the same time. And the acting is just superb!!
  11. What was she thinking with that hat and pink scarf???
  12. ^ Such a cute dress! She looks awesome
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