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  1. New pic of Leo from his visit to Oklahoma Memorial Museum in Oklahoma City I guess either he is back in Oklahoma again OR they are just late posting pic from his visit
  2. Having lots of trouble with the board today Some after party sightings from Vanity Fair and TMZ ; love the Vanity Fair comments Vanity Fair /Richie's 1OAK afterparty And while Rihanna and Rocky might have struck up a world-shattering romance in the middle of a pandemic, one detail pointed undeniably to the return to certain kind of normalcy in America. In the back of a Richie Akiva club, at an after party for the Met Gala, at four in the morning, in front of the full accoutrement of bottle service, sat Leonardo DiCaprio: Yankee cap on, mask strapped, surrounded by a posse as the new Drake record played loud. New York City, for a night anyway, was back. Alica Key /Ciprani afterparty What celebs wear is only half the Met Gala game, the other half is how they party -- and Alicia Keys' post-gala event had plenty of that ... with the biggest names. The singer threw a bash at Casa Cipriano in lower Manhattan late Monday night, and along with performing ... she played host to the likes of Michael Jordan ... who's still so damn popular, he seemed cornered by crowds at times. Leonardo DiCaprio was in attendance in his going-out baseball cap, and Elon Musk was rocking a white suit to stand out even more. Some TMZ videos from after party Look like besides long time pals Vinny , Chuck, and Reeza being with him his pal Avi is ,also, in town https://twitter.com/i/status/1437805504751980551
  3. This second time they showed Leo , he was explaining something with his hands turning and fingers going around
  4. Now the cameraman has it RIGHT they just showed Leo again = he's explaining something with his hands to people
  5. #Djokovic-#Medvedev . Leonardo DiCaprio in the audience tries to blend in with sunglasses, hat and mask, but the camera frames him immediately #USOpen
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