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  1. More Lakers pix , Leo's pal Usher was there as well Barbie Tks for all the wonderful NEW KOTFM news , so glad we are finally getting some Also, tks, for pic from Lakers game Jade Hope you feel better soon
  2. Jade Tks for sharing Inarritu’s wonderful comments about Leo
  3. I would say DM is a little late to the party posting these pix of Leo & Irmelin , since these were taken last Wednesday and Jade posted them on Thursday https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11644035/Leonardo-Dicaprio-48-ditches-wild-nights-new-girl-Victoria-23-enjoy-mums-company.html Jade & Akatosh As to Colin vs Brendan , I haven't seen Brendan's performance , so I have no idea if his performance is more award worthy, but as we all know often an Oscar win is more about a 'winning narrative' than a winning performance , and Hollywood loves a 'comeback story ' such as Matthew M years ago, and that seems to be giving Brendan an advantage at this point in Oscar sweepstakes .
  4. YouNotMe , Magical , Jade , Barbie Thanks for latest Leo related news & pix Alice T & Jade I meant to post this comment the other day when you were discussing The Banshees of Inisherin. Alice, I agree with your comments regarding Colin’s recent work Jade , I loved Lucy I was a fan of Colin & Brendan’s with In Bruges , so I was glad to see them working together
  5. Barbie & Jade Tks for our latest new Leo pix Jade Sure hope this KOTFM info is accurate this time , as so far, none of the trades ( HR or Variety ) have reported this
  6. Barbie Re your movie question above : I do like the Lord of Flies premise of the rumored next project for Marty & Leo , but as we all WELL know Scorsese films often take 2 years before they arrive at big screen So some suggestions of what else Leo could do while waiting for that film to begin : I’d like a spy or detective thriller premise with Denzel or Don Cheadle I would like to see him do a project with Lynch or PTA Definitely would love to do another film with Margot Re: Globes =thought Austin did good job as Elvis , but while I can well understand its appeal to those who , like Spielberg , were drawn to movie making at an early age , it wouldn’t be my BP choice Thanks . to ALL who posted last Leo pix , news , vids , etc
  7. Thanks to ALL for all the Leo/ Miami pix & vids Re: Captain Planrt many years ago there was a rumored animated movie in which Leo’s character would fight to protect the planet , but the rumor , like so many rumored Let’s movie projects , never happened All I know is , Marty & Apple , time to get KOTFM promotion started Pronto , Marty , pronto !!!!
  8. Thanks for your thoughts on who , if anyone , Leo might be thinking of when he listens to song Barbie Tks for more St Barts pix Agree he looks great 👍🏻 Jade Tks for pix that show Leo back in States I see from Judah’s insta those were taken in Miami Akatosh Tks for dance IG
  9. Also in the Vogue article about the recent UNCEF event that Leo attended in St Barts, they mentioned at one point in the night they played Whitney Houston's " I Will Always Love You" ,and everyone in attendance sang along As I discussed with a fellow fan , typically when that song is played one either thinks of their present partner ORRRR someone from their past, and we wondered WHO Leo thinks of
  10. Thanks to ALL who have posted the latest St Barts pix If that is Natasha ,she is the woman pictured below with Leo at Edward Enninful's' wedding back in Feb last year , as well as, was part of the group that dined at London restaurant after the wedding
  11. Thanks to ALL who do their best to keep our little Leo Home filled every day of the year with the latest Leo news , pic, and videos May 2023 bring to all of you good health , love, and lots of laughter
  12. This latest DM article clearing shows how CLUELESS DM reporting is They have pix of Leo 's long time friend model Madison Headrick who is presently engaged to his long time pal Joey Nahmad , claiming she is Victoria Lamas Included is a pic of her with his other long time pal Chuck's girlfriend Nikki They are truly HOPELESS when it comes to factual reporting !!! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11588907/Leonardo-DiCaprio-48-Victoria-Lomas-23-New-Years-yacht-Tobey-Maguire-Drake.html
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