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  1. Happy 'MERICA day everyone I :heart: You all!





  2. Like your profile pics lately. Jessica and Laura. Even if Leo doesn't date them they are damn cute :laugh::heart: 

    1. Shandy


      Lol, thanks. I tend to become enamored with whomever he is linked to, whether it's true or not. I guess it's my way of living vicariously through those who might be dating him. I love yours! Margot Robbie is fantastic.

    2. katchitup


      Haha same! I knew about Jessica before Leo but Laura is new to me, I think shes gooorrgeous :heart: She actually reminds me alot of Margot robbie :hehe: 

    3. Shandy


      Oh yes, she does. You know who else looks like Margot? Leo's first supermodel gf Kristen Zang, although Margot is prettier, imo. I wonder if that dejavu is part of what drew him to her in auditions for WOWS. That's one pairing I'd love to see. They had such great chemistry in WOWS.

  3. I know you mentioned you already got some but I just got some Rihanna tickets :D:clap::chicken: 

  4. So how was your Weeknd concert? :p 

    1. toodarnhot

      It was amazing! :chicken: I missed Travis Scott because my friends were running late, but Halsey was really great live and Abel was just perfect. His voice is goddamn flawless, and he sounds so great live. His stage show was really great too- I loved the lighting effects and the pryotechnics when he closed were awesome! I got tickets to Rihanna in April now! 

    2. katchitup


      Nice to know the Weeknd slayed your concert too ;) Travis Scott was so good, I liked him so much I went and bought one of his tour shirts :rofl: Wish I would have seen Halsey and not Banks :/ 


      haha thats funny because me and my friend plan on getting tickets to the Detroit show :D:D I stand Rihanna..I'm not lesbian, but, like she asked me to makeout with her I would do it in a heartbeat. Shes so sexy :drool: 

  5. BEH DAHLHAUS THO :drool::drool: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 


  6. My cover photo looks so amazing. Candice's booty>>>>>>


  8. Happy late bday :D

  9. happy birthday baby.jude :D

  10. Happy birthday! :D

  11. happpy biiiirrrthhhhddayyy wooho!

  12. i hope you have a happy birthday kevork!! :)

    1. Kevork89


      Thanks so much :) it was wonderful

  13. Happy 8th birthday Baron!!

  14. your audrey set <3

    1. Lyla

      awwww thank you! :) :hug: :P

    2. katchitup


      I have a friend that LOVES audrey and everyyear for her birthday we always gotta find her audrey stuff. :p I am more of a Marilyn person myself, but still love Audrey too :)

    3. Lyla

      That's great, then it's easy to look for a present! :P I love Marilyn too! :) They're both great in a different way.

  15. Happy birthday! Your Margot set is <3

    1. FashionDream


      Thanks sooo much! Xoxo

  16. Happy birthday Joe :D

  17. happy birthday and a merry Christmas nanda!

    1. Nanda23


      Thanks, Kat.

      Happy hollidays ;).

  18. OMG Nar are you back????!!

    1. Nar


      Yes. I missed you guys :P

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