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  1. Love that vid She looks so good in it! And i like her voice Thanks
  2. Tad on the small size for me But her face makes up for it. Nice pics thanks
  3. Nacho's a girl. Thank you very much.

  4. I bet you've seen most of the collection I got. But i keep some around just for Limer. :Dinah:
  5. I haven't posted with in awhile
  6. O.o another canada member ^_^

  7. Omg she's amazing Thanks!
  8. I'm bored so Sorry if reposts
  9. GROUP STAGE, DAY 2 OF 3: A3 Tori Praver A4 Christy Turlington B3 Cindy Crawford B4 Kim Cloutier C3 Emanuela De Paula C4 Isabeli Fontana D3 Izabel Goulart D4 Daniella Sarahyba E3 Valentina Zelyaeva E4 Irina Shayk F3 Petra Nemcova F4 Julie Ordon G3 Candice Swanepoel G4 Catherine McNeil H3 Bar Refaeli H4 Miranda Kerr
  10. Your avatar is soooo hot :ninja:

  11. Nope, old. Thanks for posting anyways
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  13. Oh that's totally it buddy.. cause i just enjoy your company soooo much :P :cain: Go do some work at work, novel idea huh? :P Lazy!

  14. Limerlight

    I Am...

    Still up for no reason.
  15. 99.9% Sure Emanuella. BUt don't trust me
  16. :wave: hey how's it goin?

  17. With that attitude no you won't. Go in with a clear mind, yes you leave so much behind, but this is a new place, meet new people and what not. Just think of it as a positive thing as opposed to a negative thing, even if it's that hard.

  18. :( That's too bad. But then again, new place new chances, gotta think of it like that.

  19. Have a good night Matute Agian though amazing pics
  20. Well.. when you put it that way.... :( :P How's jude though? good, fine? Dandy?

  21. At the moment :)

  22. Go Schwam yourself :O :P

  23. The year's SI covermodel always ranks high on Maxim's lists: Marisa #1 in 2008, Bar #3 in 2009, and Brooklyn #2 this year. You can probably pencil in 2011's SI covermodel into next year's top five regardless of who she is. Probably Esti IMO
  24. Katy Perry is a doll. Literally, she's a doll. Nice to see Blake Lively up so high, and Rihanna
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