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  1. That bikini is so Japanese bro!

  2. "Just sprinkle a pinch of laughter here for seasoning" - Lyon's Kitchen

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    2. ILUVAdrianaLima


      You might want to purchase bigger pants before you start this life XD

    3. Lyon


      An XXXXXXL pants is needed. I made lasagna last night, I added tons of parmigiano :drool:

    4. ILUVAdrianaLima


      ^ I'm gonna PM you since it's better to communicate there :D

  3. Hey, L told me you want a monkey latte?

    1. Lyon


      How about this?


      Sry been super busy lately and a quick bump here, see ya!

    2. ILUVAdrianaLima


      :D Holy coffee bean that is gloriously perfect! See, you still do care :D

      Good to hear from you again and as always take care and keep the caffeine flowing! :shifty:

  4. Lyon

    What's wrong with your FB ?!?!?! Are you ok? :o

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    2. Lyon


      But why? :'( Will u come back? :(

    3. liika


      i just did.what can i say im FB addict and cannot live a minute more withouth him.LMAOO

    4. Lyon


      Ok, I "like" your comment, u FB freak :p


  6. Ophe...... You love Lee Min Ho too? :chicken: He is sooo delicious :woot:

    1. Ophelia_Immortal


      I know! I hated Boys Over Flowers, but I love love love Faith and City Hunter =)

  7. Hi Andy, go to "Skin care" ^_^

  8. Lyon

    где моя девушка? <3

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    2. Lyon


      I guess.... тъй = bulgarian = ты ? -rofl- :)

      Я знают очень плохой русский :rofl: (Hope it's right in grammar lol)

    3. liika


      loll cant tell,you should ask ''From Russia With Love''about the grammar :D

      wah ...see u make me show my ignorance here lol

      we dont have ''ы'' in our азбука but ы is pronounced as й :P,so yeah it was MY BAD, .....OOOPS! :D

      ты=ти=you :D

      очень хорошо Е. :DD

    4. Lyon


      lol благодаря :DDD

  9. RIP 1st Oct - Lamma Island

  10. "It was wonderful up there, just very far away from home."

  11. I haven't checked the calendar more than a week and fortunately I didn't miss your B-day (They don't show Today's Bday anymore :( ) Happy Birthday Lay!

    1. Layla90


      Yeah, what's up with that? I also noticed there's no 'who's celebrating Birthday today' thing and even before that it was a lot less noticeable than in the previous look of BZ... anyway, thank you for the wishes! Glad you remembered ;)

    2. BeachBunny094


      Happy belated birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday

  13. Happy Birthday

  14. Happy Birthday

  15. Happy Birthday:wave:

  16. Happy Birthday:wave:

  17. Lyon

    Happy Birthday:wave:

  18. Lyon

    Hey, happy birthday and get back ! :p

    1. jig


      Thx, I check back soooometimes haha

  19. Lyon

    Hey, I guess you just visited BZ last month, where ya been? Missing your great great contributions on models, male models!!

  20. Heyyyyy, Happy Birthday Eli, how's life?

  21. Happy Birthday, ya! keep it once a year :p

  22. Happy Birthday Dan ^^

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