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  1. Happy Birthday, ya! keep it once a year :p

  2. Happy Birthday ... to you :D

  3. Thank you! :)

  4. happy birthday :D

  5. Haha, I've been busy and gone for a long time! I'll be back soon :)

    And thank you!

  6. Another long leave, you, Happy Birthday ^_^

  7. Whoa, these are nice! Thanks very much
  8. Don't worry, I'm still alive! Just got very busy, hadn't had time to check in :) (Glad someone still remembers me!)

  9. Btw, nice siggy!

    And you have 5 stars now :D

  10. Hello girl, you haven't been here for long time, come back and check out my "Happy Birthday" for ya ^_^

  11. Remain

    Jim Caviezel

    Wooowww, just saw The Thin Red Line for the first time... All fans of Jim must see it! Great movie, and the best acting I've seen from him... Seriously good!
  12. Indeed! It's what makes him unique I personally recommend watching Atonement. I didn't much like the movie, but he is fantastic in it.
  13. I just wish there were many more of them...
  14. This thread is pretty silent, but that's okay! I still Roc, so when I find treasures, I'll share them! But of course, if anyone has these in higher-res... please post! Hi-res is always a joy 2 of these have been posted, but in lower quality... And I finally found out, the guy with him in Pic 3 is Diederick Van Der Lee. This set is... Ehhhh. But someone might like it, I guess. Very classy...
  15. Hmm? How did you get to see him? What'd you click on? All I see are the boxes, and pages.. Or did the page change already?
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