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  1. wow, she is gorgeous! and I should've known Raphael Mazzucco took those photos. Sooo pretty! And gotto love her hair!!! :wub2:
  2. Hey GoRangers74, thanks for your posts, and Trimalynn for the picture! She looks great! and her son is adorable too! You guys should let her see the thread, it would make her feel good about herself, but maybe she's already seen it well, take care everyone!
  3. Thanks Liz for the info. And at least we have you for giving some insight. So we have to accept that she won't be modelling anymore. One day she can write a book about her modelling career, it would be interesting to read how difficult it must have been for her, because she was very young and probably worked A LOT over a short period of time. So if you speak to her, tell her that we wish her happiness in whatever she is doing in life and a big thank you for the amazing work she did with some amazing photographers And I totally agree with andre that she will stay the most beautiful woman for some of us forever Have a nice summer Megan fans!
  4. I think her legs are perfect too! When did she stop modelling? What I don't understand is that I've always thought she had the most beautiful face, so even if her body changed a bit after having her son, she could still do modelling. So she probably doesn't want to model any more, but then my question is, why can't she just tell us? Like hi my followers, fans whatever, I am sorry to tell you this, but I am not planning to model again, but thanks for your support, something like that. It would also be nice to know whether she had more children, or what she's up to nowadays. Nothing too personal just so we can imagine what she spends her time with other than modelling. For me it's totally fine if she says, sorry guys, now I'm just simply a full-time mom, that's all. No problem for me. But it's better than having to wait still if she might "come back" which would still be awesome, and I think she could make it if she wanted to. Take care Megan! Anyone with info can share! Thanks! Raphael Mazzucco should persuade her to do some photo shoots I their work together.
  5. hi! thanks Liz for the info. i was getting excited, but the site is down already. still if i compare her to megan fox, or adriana, or Nicole Scherzinger, I think she is way ahead of them. (even if we havent seen a photo of her for like 10 years now...) It would be nice though still, if she would say something about her plans. if she doesnt want to model ever again, fine, but she could say so to all her fans out there.
  6. ok, i found it, sorry! http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=13315
  7. i thought she didn't have a thread so started a new one...ooops sorry about that...
  8. sorry! i still can't find her thread...can you link it? (i know she's an actress too, duh )
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