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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. Happy b-day

  3. Happy Birthday, I know you used to chill at GT section ;)

  4. Hell no.. lol hes a class A douchebag:-P Megan Fox?
  5. Hello~ Happy Birthday ^_^

  6. Yes,I did it beefore,will do it again if needed. Would you date a guy just for looks?(aka douchebag)
  7. SickSix

    Megan Fox

    truth... And she has good taste, I love the G-class. Shes still with Brian austin green, thank god, I used to think BAG was a douche but I like him ever since I watched Terminator tv show, but thats a whole new level of doucheness that pic of lord toph or whatshisname? PS: yes im jealous.
  8. Oh is she? Ha, I just love how she's so cute and bubbly, I didn't even know she was a model at first though. And I'm good! How are you?

  9. şeker kız ama türkiyede manken denebilecek kadar güzel bir iki kadın vardır....
  10. Hey, how's it going? I live in the North East so I'm not sure if I can be of much help to you. Although I've visited London a few times, I don't really know it too well. Sorry!

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