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  1. No, it's not her, but thanks anyway.
  2. Virginia Slims ads, 1990/1991: Can anyone identify the model in these ads? Thanks.
  3. Now if only someone would identify the model in this ad, I'd be done:
  4. Shit, I just looked through this topic and someone already did confirm. How the Hell did I miss that?
  5. I think I just found out who 1. is after all this time. I saw an item on ebay for Virginia Slims ads, and they listed the models they could identify in those ads. One name that I never saw before was Jill Sorensen. This is a composite of her from 1985:http://www.modelscomposites.com/fullsize.php?count=2&imgno=68420 This is what she looks like today: : I have a pretty good idea this is her. Can anyone confirm?
  6. I wonder what happened to Shalom. We haven't really heard from her for the last couple of years. Always loved her.
  7. I love how Ashton Kutchner kisses Katherine's breasts in this clip! Not sure if I've ever seen that in a regular movie. Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen it in a porn movie either, which is another reason not to like porn. I wish I were Ashton Kutcher in that clip.
  8. Anyone happen to know who this extremely hot woman is in this commercial for It's a 10 Miracle-Whipped shampoo?:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpdPN-rlhgo
  9. *drool* That woman is so beautiful.
  10. Aren't the eye colours different (blue vs brown?)? becky-mullen-etc-face-compare.jpg Maybe. Hard to tell.
  11. Really? No one knows who Becky Mullen is? Female wrestling star? OK, here she is: Still no replies, huh?
  12. Really? No one knows who Becky Mullen is? Female wrestling star? OK, here she is:
  13. Really? No replies after a week? Come on, guys!
  14. This is about an old Budweiser poster that looks to be from the late 80's-early 90's: The third one from the left above looks a lot like Becki Mullen. Can anyone clarify whether or not it's her?
  15. And yet John Mellencamp left a beauty like her for a fish-lipped has-been like Meg Ryan? What a schmuck!
  16. I'm sorry, I just can't help it. I mean, thinking 32 is old? That's just plain f-ing ignorant.
  17. You're an ignorant asshole, Luis. You must be still in middle school to think the way you do.
  18. Huh? She's 32, not 62!!!
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