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  1. I just felt so rubbish up until May with the course, the people and everything about it. But I know that this break will do me good. As for work, what are you plans for the future? I know you told me you're thinking of moving...

  2. It is tough out there! You just have to do whatever work available. I think I'll enjoy going back to uni, the find the process of meeting new friends daunting! The year below might be nice, lol! As for nursing,I hope I'll like it enough in the end to be a nurse, right now, I need a break from it :(

  3. My year out started in May and I'm going back to uni in Jan and finish my third year off then. I'm currently looking for part time work, very hard though! Which part of the country are you looking at to move?

  4. My dear Michael! I am good, thanks! I'm currently taking a year out from uni, but all is good! How about you? Still in the north east?! :p

  5. Heya Jorge, how is it all going? Hope you're well :)

  6. Second year in high school or university?! I am doing well, will be in my final year of Uni in 2 weeks time! Omg, time has gone so quick!!! Scary to think about it! I'll be a qualified nurse this time next year...Bwahaha.

  7. Cat sitting? Was it any fun? I am not going anywhere this summer, just staying in Manchester and chillin' till I start Uni again in 2 weeks time! Gosh, can't think that I'll be in my final year!! Scary! How about you?

  8. Thanks for the add, hope you are well :D

  9. Btw, your Mr Burns icon is making me laugh ;)

  10. Heya Michael! Thanks for your comment, I am doing well, nearly finished with my second year of Uni and I can't wait to go on holiday! So how are you lately??? I missed you too!

  11. Hello my slovenian friend ;) How are you? How is everything going?

    Much love :D

  12. Michael! How be you? Long time no speak, I hope everything is well with you :D

  13. Heya Jorge!! I have checked out your site, it's sweet! I hope you are well, I'm doing great, just lots of work and I can't wait till it's the holidays! How is everything going on with you?

  14. Heya Jorge!

    Sorry for not being in touch for so long! I am doing well, University is killing me with the sheer amount of work I have to do, but otherwise I am alive and well ;) How are you?

  15. Heya Michael! How are you???

  16. Heya Michael! Sorry it took me ages to reply, I am so busy, I hate it when I don't have time for myself! I am doing good, just finished an assignment last night!

    So how are you, my dear?

  17. My new year was nice and quiet, spent it with my flatmates :) My friend and I are planning to see KOL again in June when they are performing here in Manchester..Lol, we are hoping to go, depending on our financial states in our bank accounts! How was your NYE?

  18. Heya my love, thanks for all the comments on my blog :)

  19. Considering I was celebrating my birthday from Monday to Wednesday, even though my actualy b'day was on Tuesday! But it was so good, everyone sang along to their songs and it was awesome! So how are you?

  20. Heya Michael! KOL was absolutely amazing, and you are right about the support band, they are pretty good too! They were being very generous and played old and new songs. They had audience interaction but not that much, but hey, my week has been good!


  22. It's less than a week for me, I am so excited!!

  23. LOL, oh tell me, HOW WAS IT?!! You have got to tell me what happened :D

  24. OH Michael! The concert is soo sooon for you!! Omg, exactly 2 weeks till my b'day, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

  25. The latest album, compared to the last one, seems more commercial, but I still like it though :) Omg, you must be so excited to see them! I am really excited too, woohoo, I still can't believe they are performing on my actual birthday!

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