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  1. HEHE yeah we did spam the crap out of GT allot that was fun... did get my post count up hehe
  2. WOW! you remember! Thats an awesome memory. She's doing well, thanks for asking.. getting very big and to smart for her own age haha. How are you? Jorge
  3. hehe! You guys are so funny I missed this. Really I blame Facebook for not coming by, its kind of takes over your whole web socializing. I'll have to add all of you to mines so I can keep in touch
  4. Hello fellow BZ members! Its been forever since I've posted a topic in here, I'd say its a darn shame...I've been so preoccupied with other ventures I completely neglected and forgot about my bz friends and family. Well Just wanted to come back and say hello to you all! Missed you guys 8) hopefully I can start posting again at full speed haha or just hang out and chat as usual. Jorge
  5. Heya Jorge, how is it all going? Hope you're well :)

  6. ximena is a cute girl, but honestly this girl is a whole other species of beautiful girl haha. I really want some HQ pics so I can make some nice wallies for you guys P.s I've got some lower resolution photos I'll post up later =) I think you will like them.
  7. Heya Jorge!! I have checked out your site, it's sweet! I hope you are well, I'm doing great, just lots of work and I can't wait till it's the holidays! How is everything going on with you?

  8. Some 3D images for you guys enjoy!!!
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