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  1. hey you! hows the web design going? Haven't seen you in a while.

  2. Heya Jorge, how is it all going? Hope you're well :)

  3. hey little lady! How have you been? Just checking up on you.



  4. Heya Jorge!! I have checked out your site, it's sweet! I hope you are well, I'm doing great, just lots of work and I can't wait till it's the holidays! How is everything going on with you?

  5. morning, 777 have a AB FAB DAY

  6. the cute pic of the alien, so CUTE

  7. your Default is wicked cuteeeeeeeeeee

  8. Merry Christmas Jorge ^_^

  9. Como esta la nina con los ojos mas lindos del mundo?

  10. haha I thought not =) but I guess its tradition to say it to everyone...

    Warm hugs friend


  11. we don't celebrate it.. so happy thanksgiving to you!

  12. Ciao!

    Happy Thanksgiving friend!!!