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  1. I WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE!! I DO I DO I DO I DO! :cry2: Please post a pic...

  2. Oh fun fun fun fun! Please take lots of photos for me and I want to see your lovely face :D Are you going to meet Francy there?

  3. Have fun in Montreal!!

  4. Ohhhh, you changed your personal photo! When are we going to see your face Michael?

  5. FINALLY, accomodation is sorted and my friend is about to order the KOL tickets in Manchester! We are having seats in the Upper Tier, a little far but I am thankful that they still had tickets given that we ordered so late. Woohoo! And its my birthday too that night!! I can't wait!

  6. And as for the personal photo, it was me with my friend who went to Slovenia 2 years ago. Our school had a dress up day and my year group was the 70s, so we were hippies. We sung "kumbaya" and made banners and fake spliffs..I am holding one right there with my hand!

  7. Oh hell yes, we can invent them nowwww! Bwahahhahahhaahahahhaahahahahahahhahahha! Sorry, as you can see, I get carried away...If I ever visit Slovenia I will visit you too! So when are you off to Sicily??

  8. Ohhh Slovenia?! My friend went there one summer and bought my a lovely bracelet from there ;) Bleh, I feel sorry to your brother...I hope he doesn't sing them! Mathais stickers are going to be amazing....:drool:

  9. Ahahah ok, I shall trust in your driving. Woohooo, I am learning how to drive soon :D

  10. Btw, I do know that Bratislava is the capital of a country...LOL!

  11. Oh man, if they invent Mathias stickers I am sure to be sticking them on my breats and go sunbathing with it....HAHAH, just joking. Ew, is Hannah Montana big in your country? Wait..Slovakia? Bratislava? Correct? No? Yes? Niet? Anyway, you will need to immerse your brother in holy water to rid him of the HM demon!

  12. Lol, of course not hunny. I haven't seen the new pics on Freja's thread yet...*runs*

    THANK YOU for telling me...You deserve a Hannah Montana sticker!

  13. You better pick me up from the airport as there is no way I am going to go to your house ALONE. Anddd, you better be a good driver, I get car sick pretty easily...Ahahah. Sleep well, when you wake up tomorrow you will see the pics in the thread.

  14. Well, I am going to take some photos around Hong Kong today, for definite! I am bored and the Olympics isn't that exciting atm. Awww, I would love to come to your house in Texas, but then again, I might run into the Texas Chainsaw guy...

  15. Meoooooow, how are you? Lol, don't bother typing my username, its long...I'm Helen btw :D

  16. Woops, forgot tot ask about you! So how about your weekend? Taking your sisters shopping again? Lol, I miss Chicky...

  17. Nah nah, being enthusiaster is more pleasant than being annoying :D Nothing much though, probably watching the Olympics or I might even spend one evening to take some lovely photos of Hong Kong :D

  18. Lol no, not at all! You are just enthusiastic- not annoying!

  19. BLASPHEMY!! Oh no!!

    But thank goodness that you found the light and realised how lame that show is. Amen sister!

  20. I did get your message the other night, but I was having a shower and by the time I got back you were already offline :( Lol, you are NOT annoying!

  21. Oh gosh can that guy swim!!

    Thank youuuu!! Lol, I wanted to tell you the news on msn but you weren't on but hey, you know now :D

  22. Yes, I am honestly looking forward but not everything is done yet. I have to sort out my accomodation, after that I can seriously chill ;)

  23. Eek, I didn't like what he wrote...It was so WRONG.

    I am 18 and I am doing to be 19 in December :D

  24. HUNNY! I missed talking to you on various threads!!!! Omg, that guy is a PERVERT!! Its so digusting, I was about to report that post...But yeah, that smiley was honestly the only reply I can give.....How are you? I still hate Miley.

  25. Everything is good in HK. I got my exam results yesterday and I got the right grades to go to Manchester University to do Nursing! I am soo happy! Its my first choice ;)And sorry, I just think that Phelps is ugly...

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