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  1. Hello Michael. I am good, I got my results today and I got into Manchester!!! Lol, will be booking the tickets as soon as I can reply to my offer ;D

  2. Omg, that ceremony went on FOR AGESSSS. Anyway, it was sooo beautiful. Hehehehe, I'm watching a lot of the Olympics live in my time :D USA is doing pretty good in the gymnastics!

  3. Hello Jorge! The film was brilliant! Anything with Edward Norton is GOOD. Lol, I am doing fine, shit weather here again and I am going to watch the Olympics ceremony on tv tonight (my time). How are you?

  4. I know!! People are so money hungry! Righhhttt, are you talking about the Wembley in London? Is so, then tell me quick so I can get my friend to buy the ticks! Anyway, thanks for being so helpful and supportive with this whole ordeal ;)

  5. Hello! Welcome to Bellazon, hope you will enjoy your time here and at the Mathias thread ;)

  6. The floggin the price thing is true, the getmein website which ticket master owns is flogging it up to 49 pounds being the cheapest. Manchester tickets are still really cheap (25pounds) ggahh, I hope the cheap tickets are still there when I know I am going to Manchester. I am fine, still in HK, I will be here for a long time LOL.

  7. Feck Michael, the official link to buy the KOL tickets from the KOL website said that London is sold out...I think other ticketing websites bought bulks of it and is flogging the price up to 60 pounds per ticket!! WTF? I am taking my KOL friend from school lol, she is busy looking for cheaper tickets...

  8. KOL concert in London- I am going to that!!

  9. Ahahaha, both would be brilliant! I just posted a comment on my KOL friend's Facebook and she said that she would love to go. Honestly, the ticket prices are quite decent. Let's hope that we can get something sorted.

  10. I hope you are having a wonderful time on holiday :D

  11. I know, right?! Isn't it annoying?! Its fustrating because I can buy a ticket now and watch later, but then I would look like a loser :p But anyway, I am going to study Nursing in Manchester. Wooohooo! Pray for me Michael, I hope my results is GOOD and I can go there (that is if you are religious at all, if not, well, wish me the best!)

  12. LOL! And guess what too? It rained today!!! Ahahahah, what strange weather. I strongly urge you to watch Batman, there is a scene where it was filmed in Hong Kong :) Its lovely and of course, the Joker is amazing.

  13. Well, I think crazy weather happens everywhere. Its been sunny for quite some time now in Hong Kong, I think its going to rain. I watched Batman last night and it was soooooo good! Have you seen it?

  14. friends in Uni will like them or not. And buying the tickets then in Sep/Oct would literally mean looking at "SOLD OUT" signs all over the internet. My KOL friend from school is on a gap year and I don't know her plans! BLEH! I WILL SORT SOMETHING OUT.

  15. Really? I didn't know that! Um, I would love to go but its going to be really tricky. I could buy tickets now but I would love to go with someone and I have a friend who loves KOL too. But the problem is that I am going to start Uni in Manchester so you know, finding the right person to go with me to a KOL concert in Manchester is going to be difficult because I don't know if my future

  16. Life got a little more interesting today, I went sun bathing at a beach today and it was so hot, but I got a tan :) How about you? Anything interesting?

  17. Oh man, how do you possible know my secret location for the summer?! LOL.

    I read somewhere about their tour in December! Are the dates announced?

  18. Thanks for adding me to your friends list Suzy :) Hope you are having a great time in Taiwan!

  19. Heya darling :) Going to Sicily in August? Francy is there too so maybe you two can meet up or something! I am, hopefully, going to University of Manchester if I get the grades from results day in August...I am a little nervous so pray for me about it! Hehehe, and it stopped raining here.

  20. Hello Nic. Thanks for adding me to your friends list :) Hope you are having fun in France :D

  21. Heya Michael. I watched KOL performing in Glastonbury on BBC3 the other day when it was repeating and omg, they were sooo amazing there! They are so humble, its so cool to listen to those nice songs from their third album :D

  22. Heya hunny, I hope everything is working out ok, just so you know, we care about here in Bellazon! :)

  23. The weather is worse than where you are! It has been raining for a week- no joke! I will be back in the UK in around September :) I know, its rather long but that is because university starts later than my old school. You enjoying summer?

  24. In motion? Well, I am sure that the job fair will do you lots of good, its a good way to get LOTS of contacts :D I am ok, not doing anything much and I now have internet access on my lap top so yay!!

  25. Heya my love! I am doing good, I am certainly not hiding from Bellaxon and I miss it a lot! i am on holiday in Hong Kong and my apartment here hasn't got the internet yet, but will do soon! How are you?

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