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  1. As for siblings, I only have one sister and tbh, one is ENOUGH! My semester starts on the 22nd next month (Freshers week) but I am moving in on the 18th which is ok as I have a few days to settle down and etc. Have you ever been to Manchester?

  2. Oh Lake District sounds pretty cool and it has lovely landscape, it will definitely help you to chill. My weekend is looking good too, hehehe. Are you going with your friends or something? OH GOOD ON YOU for not drinking, at this rate your liver is going to function happily by the time you are 85 :)

  3. It was a tough ride but I loved every minute of it :D

  4. Ahaha, your little story was so funny, I can't believe that they refused to register you....Well, I will start my placement sometime in Jan next year I think so I have time to sort it out. Have a wonderful weekend :D

  5. That is weird! So which Uni is your sister going to? Ahahaha, do you get along with her? Because I certainly don't get along with mine...8 years difference is just too much I think. So work has been hectic and you are taking a break...Well, don't drink too much though. Where are you off to?

  6. ..heard anything about it either. So we presume that the diploma people heard about their placements first because they are starting early. So how are you, my dear little Michael? Btw, I don't know if I told you but you are the same age as my sister, LOL.

  7. Hm yeah, they now have a video for 'Sex on Fire' so that should keep us breathing for a while yet. As for the Uni preparations...Um...Nothing much has happened. I got my accommodation sorted but after that I found out that some nursing students already know their placements and I freaked out! I thought I missed out on something but it turns out that none of the other degree students he

  8. Its A long story really, well, not so long but its something I always mention in my german written and oral exams in school and I studied German for 6 years :D

  9. Well, I guess to keep me alive I can keep telling myself that the album is out soon enough :p

  10. You honestly need to take a bucket with you the next time you go to that Lacoste shop...

  11. I hope you are having fun :) Missing you lots!

  12. Oh goodness Michael, you just made me SOOO impatient!!!!! Now how am I going to wait till December?! HOW?!!

  13. Its such a long wait tbh, but at least the album is coming out soon so I guess I can kill time by listening to the cd over and over again :p

  14. Oh Kristina! Don't think about me in your holidays but to enjoy with all of your heart! Have lots of fun and watch out for horny and pervy italian men :D

  15. I am sitting on Upper tier btw :D

  16. Oh wow, thank you for saying that I am one of the nicest people here! You are lovely too and its nice to chat to you :)

  17. Thank you for adding me as your friend :)

  18. Hello! Thanks for looking at my blog although I don't think I can be an olympic blogger like I used to be ie. blogging everyday! But if I have something interesting to write then I will let you know :)

  19. Its only a week, I CAN WAIT :evil:

  20. *sits patiently like a good little school girl*

  21. Riiiigghhht, I can see that would be a huge trend...Well my birthday is the 16th of December but Uni doesn't end until the 19th I think so it means that I will probably have lectures early in the next morning *dies* Oh gosh, you will have post first about your KOL concert here in BZ!

  22. Ohhh pac-man...You are soooooo HOT.


  23. Ooooooooh, hello to the Michael in myspace......

  24. OH yay! Michael has a yellow face and is bald...You are sooooo attractive now in my eyes...:shifty: ANYWAY!! My friends finally booked the tickets to see Kings, its all paid and everything! I am definitely looking forward to go to Manchester :D

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