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  1. Mathias always looks incredibly good in a black leather jacket
  2. I really want to see "perfect sense" with her and ewan mcgregor, the trailer made it seem like such a wonferdul yet a harrowing love story. I'd also love to see her blonde, bet she'll still be as sexy as ever!!
  3. Awww she's so pretty! I love it how she doesn't conform and she wears what she wants regardless of how it looks! She's also amazing, absolutely loved her in Camelot, shame the show got canned after one season
  4. Mathias was a good boy and I get up at 5 am every morning for the latest news of Mathias . I know you do! You're such a dedicated fan!!! We all appreciate your hardwork!
  5. I just felt so rubbish up until May with the course, the people and everything about it. But I know that this break will do me good. As for work, what are you plans for the future? I know you told me you're thinking of moving...

  6. It is tough out there! You just have to do whatever work available. I think I'll enjoy going back to uni, the find the process of meeting new friends daunting! The year below might be nice, lol! As for nursing,I hope I'll like it enough in the end to be a nurse, right now, I need a break from it :(

  7. I've got combination skin and currently I'm using La Roche Posay Keeping my oilyness down and also less break outs.
  8. Yay! I can't wait to watch the second season!! I really want to know what the scientist told the main guy before the explosion!!
  9. OH wow! Just as I thought that Mathias's photos are ceasing to show up, Marty's hard work (+mathias walking NYFW!) has paid off! Great photos! He looks more mature now, but obviously still incredibly handsome and ever more talented than ever as a model
  10. My year out started in May and I'm going back to uni in Jan and finish my third year off then. I'm currently looking for part time work, very hard though! Which part of the country are you looking at to move?

  11. My dear Michael! I am good, thanks! I'm currently taking a year out from uni, but all is good! How about you? Still in the north east?! :p

  12. Mathias is smoking hot :drool: RICHTIG!! RICHTIG!!!!!!!! :D
  13. Great new pics of Mathias! Where is that agency based?
  14. That new Carolina Herrera perfume ad is smoking hot!!
  15. Awwww Natalia is sooo pretty! Werk it girl! I kinda feel sad that she's having a divorce Her and her husband were so cute!
  16. Good to know that Mathias is walking fw in Copenhagen!! Looking forward to seeing new pics. As for the gifs...OMG THEY ARE SOO HOT!!!
  17. Yay! Finally some new pics and a video of Mathias working his model moves! I have to say that he looks much more mature than ever before
  18. LOL, marty, imagine you seeing a photo of him kissing his girlfriend?!
  19. Marty, I don't think that the baidu link works
  20. I agree with modelknowledge that you need to treat the acne first before considering putting loads of make up on to hide the pimples. Skincare ranges like La Roche Posay are very good with that, they have a range for every skin type so you'll find something that'll suit you. Exfoliating regularly helps to unclog the pores, I hope that helps
  21. Ahhhh, Eva is my ultimate girl crush!! I only watch this because of her
  22. I just love how his cheekbones make him look so sexy but beguile at the same time
  23. Ohhhh, it is wise not to post private photos here, especially from someone else's fb account
  24. Do you know why that forum is closing down?
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