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  1. Just want to say : Mathias is going to marry his long time girlfriend Zara !
  2. These are from Vogue Hommes international September 2013
  3. It's my pleasure, Munichmarty! You always update the thread so I thought I'd help out Thank you very much! At the moment I got problems with photobucket but I think it´s more the fault of my computer than photobucket . I get a laptop soon and I hope I can update the thread as usual !
  4. Thank you onlyyoung !you made my day ! I am a big fan a backstage pics . Mathias looks a bit sad or bored in the first pics , poor boy
  5. Thanks for posting ! I love the yellow contact lenses :-)
  6. Long time ago I got private messages here from people who said they are close to Mathias and in the end they were all liars as long as we don´t hear Mathias say anything against people from other nations or races we should not believe this !
  7. Really?! How do you know for sure? And racist against who?
  8. I don´t know why I still can`t copy the url from photobucket and post it here :yuckky: . The pics from H&M are on http://mathiaslauridsen-danishprince.blogspot.de/
  9. Some cute pictures of Mathias are in H&M catalogue !
  10. Hugo Boss online campaign on my blog ! http://mathiaslauridsen-danishprince.blogspot.de/ Tried to post the pictures here ! my computer says I copied the url from photobucket but when I want to post it here nothing happens :cry2:
  11. Thanks for posting! Mathias is so handsome
  12. by David Armstrong for Acne Paper 14th issue Winter 2012
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