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  1. Well, you know how I said it was pretty nice yesterday, regarding to the weather? Well, good ol' England was pissing with rain, AGAIN today! Its so not humid here, but I know what bad humidity feels like. My family is from Hong Kong and trust me, the monsoon season there is a killer. I am Helen btw so HI AGAIN!!

  2. The weather is pretty nice today in England. But it was pissing with rain the other day, seriously, the english weather is not nice atm! I like the sun but then again it makes me hayfever reallllyyy bad. Sucks for people like me!

  3. How is the weather looking for you over there?

  4. Heya! Haven't seen you a while now, hope everything is going well for you :)

  5. 2 weeks? That is disasterous! How can that actually happen to Italy? And especially Lake Como?? Blehhh, I really summer to come :( My final exams starts in 3 days!! *cries*

  6. Hello Martina, I hope you are ok :) If you want to vent out anything then you can send me a message! I hope you checked out the Mathias thread.

  7. Hello Francy! There is still no sunshine in the UK :'(

  8. OI Ellie, you have no exams now, post more here at Bellazon!

  9. I was like "whoaa!" Hehehe, you are welcome :)

  10. You certainly did a good job in discovering him. I saw a few photos of you in another thread, all I can say about is that you look beautiful and amazing!

  11. I am doing fine :) Its quite sunny now in England and the new photos of Dimitri is making my day the sunnier Francy! Oh goodness, he is HOTTTTTT! *wipes sweat*

  12. Of course we can be friends Francy! By the way, is there another name I can call you by? Or are you ok with me calling you Francy? Thank you for adding me :) I will add you back!

  13. Ich habe das besichtigen!

  14. Lol, the pig is from Russia, with Love!! I just wanted anything for my avatar, well, does it look decent? I hope it does ;)

  15. Wooottt! Go ELLIEEE!! Lol, so glad you are here.... *salivates* There are simply too many hot and sizzling pics of a man we both like...BWAHAHHA!

  16. I meant LIEBEN, nicht LEBEN!! Sorry, you see, I told you my German was shit.

  17. Danke, mir geht's gut auch. You must be wondering why I am talking to you in German. Hahaha, I have been learning German for the past 6 years of my life ;) But I can't say that I am any good... Heheheh, das Wetter in England ist ok. Es ist ganz heiss und ist auch ein bisschen unertraeglich :( Thanks for adding me as a friend, woot! Mathias forever!! WIR LEBEN MATHIAS!!

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