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  1. Hello, I am having problems with sending a new private message :( Is there something wrong with my account?

  2. I never said I want to be a bad girl Martin! How dare you insinuate that I want to be one? :o You need a good slap on your behind....

  3. Umm, I can't think of anything that would rhyme next with your pics...Catman? That will do, you will look stunning wearing a leather cat suit.

  4. I know! Everytime I go to Sainsburys I always get SUPER excited :D Lol, it seems like you are a good cook, I am useless with cooking and I am going sef catered, I will look like a stick for sure....I will live on toasts for sure :(

  5. I am ok, that is all really.

  6. Hiya.

    My life is boring so there isn't much to talk about really...

  7. Martin, you make me laugh...

  8. I miss you. Go to the Mathias thread, you are missing lot's of good pics ;)

  9. Wow, from Pac-Man to Batman...What a transformation!

  10. I went browsing one day and decided that I didn't have enough money, so I went the next day and used my dad's credit card (ahaha) and bought two pairs of shoes! OH FOOD! I LOVE FOOD!! It's so fun going food shopping. Sorry for being weirdly curious, but what did you buy?

  11. Ahahah, I am not surprised with the mud really. It rained like HELL when I was in Wales and the trip consisted of mud, rain, biological research, land and SHEEP!

  12. Welcome to BZ, hope you will have a good time here, especially in the Mathias thread!

  13. And horray for the three-day weekend! I went clubbing with some friends on Thursday night and Friday felt like Saturday, lol, as if the I am already in the weekend! So what are you planning to do this then? I am going shoe shopping!

  14. Well, thanks for the recommendation, I will check it out one day when I visit the lake district and order what you ate. I don't mind hiking so much because I find it quite fun though, but steep hills would kill me. I went to a biology field trip to North Wales and the hills were killers!

  15. OH and talk to you later ;)

  16. Ah, you are now back to school, what grade are you in??

  17. Hello Joe!

    How are you?


    Wie geht's dir?

    Anyway, I think you need to wear a pair of "lederhosen" and take a pic of yourself and post it here on Bellazone.

    LOL, I am so random!

  19. Woops, I just realised that tomorrow is Thursday and the weekend is just around the corner...Time is going so quickly!

  20. Oh I know! That placement was so shit! Anyway, Speech Day is in November so I still have another 2 months yet...But I can't wait and you know why (since you read my blog) :evil:

  21. I visited Manchester once to attend their Open Day back in October last year and I liked it. Although I do think some areas are a little grim, on the whole, I think its a nice city. I guess I didn't venture far enough last time. Hehehe, I can't wait to move in! So how are you?

  22. Yorkshire puddings are so nice...But I prefer the nice crispy ones from M&S :D Lol, homemade ones are yummy though and walking is good for your health! Honestly Michael, you are going to be so fit when you are 90 :D And yeah, let's hope that you won't be in a retirement home...

  23. I am good, I had a good weekend :D Saw some Olympic athletes, had dinners with friends and my cousins. How is your weekend going?

  24. *runs and looks for your FACE FACE FACE!*

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