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  1. Hey Jennka, I see you're becoming a fan of Eniko. She's really growing on me too. :)

  2. Doing great, thanks! I suppose I'm not part of his target audience but I don't really get the the Bieber thing either - even after watching his movie (only to see if he died at the end - spoiler: he doesn't), I still couldn't sing a single one of his songs for you.

  3. It's a definite yes on Hooded Fang from me. I love 'Vacationation' - great video too!

  4. Cute girl bassist you say? I'm not familiar with their work but I feel a Google/YouTube search coming on!

  5. There sure are a lot of fans of the The Gube here at BZ. Never could work out why he isn't hugely famous. Anyway - how goes it, Jude? :)

  6. You're putting me to shame with all the great stuff you post in the Jameela Jamil thread, but it's much appreciated! :)

  7. So I just realised that I missed your birthday - my computer reached the end of it's tether two weeks ago and I had to disappear for a while. Since it's a little late, I'll make it more general - merry valen-birth-iversary! :D

  8. There should be a few of the early Darias doing the rounds on YouTube - that was how I got back into it about a year ago. :) And oh wow, I still can't watch a Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie without picturing him as the little kid from Third Rock from the Sun. Haven't seen the show for years but I used to really like it. :D

  9. And yes indeed, the show was just called Daria. It was one of my favourites in the olden days and I've been watching some of the re-runs lately. I'm starting to think there's a strong correlation between Daria and BZ - I've met more people who like it here than anywhere else. :D

  10. Feel free to tell me the whole tale if you so wish :D For me, it started out as a joke between me and my sister. She got me a bow tie for Christmas because of the many references to them in Doctor Who, but since then they've kind of grown on me. :D

  11. P.S. I share your enthusiasm for bow ties! :D

  12. I do apologise! I came here to say hello and then got sidetracked. :( So how's it going? :)

  13. You're very welcome - I hope it was a good one! :)

  14. I love your avatar! :)

  15. Happy birthday! :)

  16. Always nice to meet a fellow fan! I made a thread for Lana in 'babe musicians' if you feel like visiting. :)

  17. Ah yes, I know the one - the dragon is my favourite! It should start to pick up pace once you get into the following season. The later episodes are considerably darker in theme too (too scary for the kiddies IMHO :D)

  18. Merry birthmas, Joe! :D

  19. Hey, merry 2012-mas! Did you enjoy the festive period?

  20. David Healy and Anthony Stokes were on my TV earlier this week for the Old Firm game. Today: Portsmouth's Greg Halford and Liam Lawrence. Talk about ghosts of Sunderland past! Anyway, Baron, I do hope you're enjoying the festive season. Happy 2012!

  21. Thanks, and a very merry Christmas to you too - I hope you get everything you wish for in 2012! :)

  22. No, I hadn't heard that. Was there any particular reason given for rearranging? And it crossed my mind that you might be in the house for the derby game - a point gained or two lost?

  23. I first spotted Melanie in a movie called 'The Concert' but it was her character in 'Inglorious' that really made me a fan. :D Lily took me by surprise there - I don't think I'd ever seen her show that kind of personality before. :)

  24. ...ability and style so it should be a pretty competitive game with a few goals in it. :)

  25. Ah yes, on occasion you'll see an upset when one of the so called 'lesser' teams play away at Manchester United, but more often than not they're as good as beaten before the game even kicks off. There's a good one on tonight between two of the top teams (Chelsea and Manchester City) if you should happen to be near a TV - they're quite evenly matched in terms of...

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