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  1. @Michael*Hello mate please check out your DM/private message, i need to solve a problem with you about site bellazon, my account or my email are being blocked by filter anti-spam CleanTalk for no reason, i contact the devs of script/plugin and they tell me to contact any admin of bellazon to whitelist my email, if you can please do that and thanks then

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    2. maddog107


      @Pyromancer could you send me a screenshot of the error you see?

    3. Pyromancer


      @maddog107 Sure mate, before i get the error with famous saying ''Your IP belongs to a high spam risk network''  now i am having this new problem: ***Forbidden, Browser seems to be spambot. ***


      too some weeks ago i had contacted Serge Baburin thats admin of system CleanTalk, he tell me to contact you admins to whitlist my email, so just for making sure my email is whitslited/clean ? my email is [email protected] so be sure to add it on whitelist and clean it, thanks then


      Also Serge says to read and follow this link Cleantalk Personal Blacklists

      Screenshot_9.png Screenshot_10.png

    4. Pyromancer


      @Michael*@maddog107Please check out this, thanks then

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