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  1. Hello how are going you

  2. For sure, I think the Batman Begins one was the most believable as a suit that someone with the motivations of Wayne, and of course near-unlimited resources, would actually want to make. I particularly like the popped up collar with the elevated ridge around the neck on this new one though, which I'm guessing is flak-jacket inspired.
  3. Michael*


    That was wild, Cavendish had to sprint at least three times to reposition himself before the final straight. Must be one of his best wins in terms of engineering his way through the bunch.
  4. Agreed, I think that would be the most practical way to do it.
  5. I would give it high marks for being the most functional-looking of the live action suits with little in the way of superfluous "bat stuff" going on. We'll have to see when the film drops whether Pattinson actually looks like that when he's wearing it. In fairness though, I'm not a great lover of the giant bruiser version of Batman anyway. I always found it a bit too contradictory of the stealth concept.
  6. Michael*


    It certainly looks perfectly poised for him but I can't help thinking that Van Aert, the way he's been going, could be a major threat. Who you got?
  7. Michael*


    Had a feeling Alaphilippe would be the front runner for Stage 12 because of the lump before the finish, but I guess with the strong wind it was probably never really on the cards. Well deserved for Politt, though. After a string of good finishes in Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders, that had to have been the biggest win of his career.
  8. Michael*


    Amazing ride by Van Aert and of course, props to Vingegaard for briefly making Pogacar look vulnerable. Every stage has provided great drama so far. I don't believe I've ever seen a bleaker or less telegenic mountain than Ventoux. Intimidating in an entirely unique way.
  9. It probably is or was some kind of built-in function of the forum, but I agree that having an extra pronoun or gender option would be prudent and a respectful solution. Leave it with me and I'll see if it's possible to do.
  10. Michael*

    Euro 2020

    On balance, I think England probably shaded that. Obviously a stroke of luck for the penalty but I can just about see why it was given. I will say, perhaps with a touch of unpatriotic realism, that I'm not sure the Italians will have seen anything to make them worry too much. Let's see though.
  11. Michael*

    Euro 2020

    On balance, I would say England have more talent in pretty much all positions and start as slight favourites tonight, however, perhaps fearful of underestimating Denmark (as many teams have to this point), I'd expect Southgate to be just as cautious as he was for the Germany game. Assuming this is indeed a nervy and low-scoring affair, I suspect that substitutions will prove decisive, especially against a talented tactician like Hjulmand.
  12. Michael*

    Euro 2020

    That turned out to be a fantastic game, another in a tournament delivering terrific entertainment at times. Whoever the mysterious guru with the 'tache and glasses is and whatever he has written in his folder, it's been working a treat for Mancini and this Italian side. Another rollercoaster night for poor old Morata. Made Chiellini and Donnarumma look like lampposts for the goal, but how often does his touch seem to abandon him and so quickly as well.
  13. Michael*

    Euro 2020

    Not that I'd consider Denayer a world beater, it did seem like a surprise to see Vermaelen get the nod ahead of him against Italy. After an admittedly shocking piece of play to put a goal on a plate for Denmark, he seemed to find his footing as the match wore on but never got a look-in afterwards.
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