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  1. givin you a big ol 10 on mine and my sisters behalf. she wandered into the room to talk to me and started staring at it and forgot what she was saying!! absolutley stunning
  2. chuggiehite thankyou sooo much she looks absolutley gorgeous in those pictures!!!! I also love the shot of her in the purple lullaby. Thanks for posting guys
  3. thinking that anyone who likes adriana and angelina is definatley someone i gotta get to know
  4. Adrianas Llama

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    about to change the board skin *squirms with delight* so many colour schemes to choose from
  5. thinking i should get to know Neo better! and also the bunny lovin crew!
  6. thinking, does bunny have his own thread? or is there only a wabbit hating thread
  7. nice wallys folks! heres 1/4 of a wallpaper project i was doing. I have graphics ADD and was disracted with a very sexy black and white picture of Adriana which was begging to be colourised. i thought id post what i did anyway . Someone who likes simplicity might like it.
  8. Adrianas Llama

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    the walrus Coo coo ca choo
  9. lol phew! someone described the effect i did! bwhaha i do it in such a different way but this way is a lot more straight forward. My way runs into issues if you have a color thats too close to the skin tone.
  10. Gah are you serious! ok well American Dad is from the creators of family guy, its pretty hilarious (not as funny as family guy of course tho). And Clone high is a very obscure MTV show where scientists have cloned like famous historical figures (ghandi, JFK, Kennedy, Cleopatra) and they all go to high school together! pretty funny! I dont think either of them are actually out in Australia tho! PS i forgot to put Oprah on my list!!! Whooo Oprah rocks
  11. Adrianas Llama

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    Wondering if Red_Ed has ever visited the Bunny website and dreaming of lime coke (PS im from the north side of sydney near the beaches red what about you?)
  12. Lullaby your wally looks great! i love the style! Anyway heres mine, its pretty plain for me but meh i love that picture! ... man i need to clean the 'ol desktop
  13. is correct about my avi! (its a shot of her from one of those spanish phone adds)
  14. Adrianas Llama


    I live riiiiightt on a golf course in australia, it used to hold like big televised tournaments but it hasnt had one in ages. Its kinda trippy to look out the window and see Carrie Webb (no i dont know how to spell her name, sorry!) on the green behind your house.
  15. Wow! oh man shes just so beautiful! thankyou for the pictures thiago!
  16. My vote went for Alexis. mmm its all about the eyes
  17. shares a name with my best friends sister
  18. oh man tv rocks how can i even list all the best! - CSI (the original, the rest can go away) - Desperate Housewives - Clone high (it had only one season! curse you MTV! cuuuurrssee youuu!) - Daria - Family Guy - Simpsons - Mythbusters - American Dad - Charmed (seasons 1 - 3)
  19. 8! damn sexy. hey were you the girl with an av of adriana pulling a really amusing face? like it looked liek she was cheering about something? i loved that thing!!
  20. Adrianas Llama

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    placing bunny in my sig and dreaming of a new world order in which bunnies rule! BUNNY POWER!
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