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  1. *slides into seat and grabs popcorn and waits for the next installment of Heidegger vs. worshipper pa*
  2. JACKASS star STEVE-O is so obsessed with beautiful actress ANGELINA JOLIE, he is copying all of her tattoos. Steve-O - who already has a lifesize tattoo of his own face on his back - came up with the idea after visiting the Thai artist who etched a traditional Khmer symbol on the actress\'s back. Steve-O had the same design done and has since added \"Billy Bob\" to his arm, to copy Jolie\'s dedication to her second husband BILLY BOB THORNTON - a tattoo she has had removed since the couple divorced. The zany WILD BOYZ star hopes his tattoos will bring him closer to the actress and give him a chance of romance with her.
  3. hahah i like going into target to visit the adriana maybelline adds. PS beautiful pics thanks to everyone who posted shes just gorgeous
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    stand by me - the beatles *grabs mic* oh darlin darrrliin stand by meee
  5. 10, that is so nice and clean and beautiful i love it. goes well with your av as well
  6. is proud owner of the cutest booger in all the land
  7. Fully sick bunny links Wallace and Gromit: the curse of the were-rabbit movie page - i havent seen this yet but im so gonna be rootin for the bunny 30 second bunny theatre - bunnys reinact movies in thirty seconds. Everyone else has had more sex than me - of course my pimping iBunny has had a lot more sex than this little bunny. .. and i cant be stuffed to track down more for you guys Look at this little bugger i found on another forum. its bunnys morbidly obese brother! (\__/) (+'.'+) (")_(")
  8. god im so corrupted it actually took me a while to find the dolphins
  9. ah yes teh bling bunneh! good times good times. then of course there was satan bunny: (\__/) (' x ') (>0<)o Edit: wow bunny doesnt like being posted in topics *flicks him* he comes out all distorted on my screen
  10. My bunny has an ipod does your bunny have an ipod?
  11. omg! hey an update! and its hot stuff tiiu!! 9.9999! (minus 0.00001 cause i miss your adriana gifs)
  12. My user name is quite simple.. i am Adrianas Llama. We've been good friends since before she was famous, i go pretty much everywhere with her! heres a shot of us on a holiday. its not the best quality pic and im making kind of a funny face but i still treasure the memories.
  13. aww so beautiful thanks for posting
  14. tastes nice with a side of potatoes
  15. Sky high... i shoulda just burnt $11 instead it woulda been more entertaining
  16. thinking about the hot dog i had the other day and wishing i had another one
  17. Adrianas Llama

    I Am...

    ..BACK!... from a sleepover.. rah. i am also reminiscing about super ted
  18. Llamas!! where?!?!?! *looks around* where be my llama bretheren?! oh um.. yes the person above is suspected of erecting this giant tribute to bunny on Colleto Fava mountain in northern Italy. VIVA LA BUNNEH!
  19. *stops fantasising about hotdogs*.. huh?! oh yeah i am! im like gonna be a handyman for a little while so its a temp thing! *slides under the board and grabs a monkey wrench*
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