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  1. Shrunk there av.. *leans forward and squints* what the hell happened man?!
  2. Ther well spoken thread? *chews tobaccie*.. i dun hold much truck for all dat dere book learnin' and punct-u-a-shun bidness.
  3. the skellington... sgelligt.. crap.. skelg... ... no no wait its coming to me... the skeleton key!!! phew either i can get drunk on strawberry milk or i really need to go to bed
  4. i love them all! especially the last one its really beautiful and the saturation and overlaying is juuuust right *gives you two thumbs up*
  5. *stares at the sexyness in awe* when i grow up i wanna be a watermellon
  6. Hmm its okay! not my fave i dont think. im like 1/4 of the way thru it tho. Do you have a fave discworld character? i really like all of the watch and also Death!
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    looking for my chucks, which i needed 14 minutes ago to go out
  8. Auw beyond boarders rocked! *pats my poster*.. well apart from Clive owen i hate that man! I last watched Forrest Gump!
  9. The Fifth elephant - Terry Pratchett The Last continent - Terry Pratchett
  10. Have you watched Monty Python and the Quest for The Holy Grail? About half a dozen of King Arthur's knights attempted to slay a bunny, lost a few a good men in the process, and ended up fleeing for their life. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> lol why yes yes i have (thanks to my dad for that movie night)... im glad you dont underestimate the power of bunneh! because he'll kill you twice before you hit the ground
  11. is making assumptions about chicken who is a truly awesome person and a very imporant asset to bellazon (heheh sorry for my lack of words chicken! how was that? better?)!!!!!!! oohh right right back to the person directly above... heidegger... has a very cool Gandhi quote in there sig which ive been waiting to comment on for a while
  12. is poultry PS red maybe AdrianaFrancesca's owl is like.. a playboy bunny owl? with like the ears and stuff? hmm? hmm? it spends its time with heffy and the other bunnys in the playboy mansion? just tossing some ideas out there about the strange anomaly
  13. aaauwww!!!! omg!!! your using teh llamas wally!!! *puffs up ego and struts around* awww im so glad you like!!! PS i love the look of ur ibook!! *peers around and pokes everything on the desktop*
  14. 4... is that knight supposed to be killing bunny? cause who the hell kills bunny with swords... and all that armour... someone must greatly fear the bunny!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! HAH.... ... bunny will eat ur brains
  15. thinking that bunny is Gangsta! he is off the heezy fo sheezy! *coughs* .. word.
  16. *looks around* you talking to me? about the slytherin icon? how much bigger? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> off topic, but i love you user name! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> awww thanks! my user name loves you too! PS lovely wally Acro! the red is sexy
  17. *looks around* you talking to me? about the slytherin icon? how much bigger?
  18. think about the name for bunny. friggin genius. friggin hilarious genius
  19. thinking that AdrianaFrancesca's bunny army kinda looks like a gay colour bar thing! tehee! bunny is love
  20. squeeee! thankyou so much! god *fans self* she looks so sexy there
  21. Does anyone have a higher quality version of this image? Or like related images from this shoot? Sorry if this is in the wrong spot! i have no idea where its from so i guessed i couldnt go wrong by putting it in miscelaneous. Im also sorry if its been posted before, I was going to go for a romp thru the picture threads searching for it but my nets not cooperating!
  22. may know how to pronounce tiiu... (im totally stumped ive been staring at it for a while.. is it like teeoo? or two? or what?)
  23. Whoo okie umm.. Girl Interrupted - Susanna Kaysen (Worlds better than the movie, just wow) The Discword series (theres like what 20 gazzillion books in it so like hell im listing) - Terry Pratchett So much to tell you - John Marsden (?) Harry Potter series (bar the last book, God damn JK you better watch ur back!) - JK Rowling (duh) Desert Flower - Waris Dirie theres more! but im having a brain freeze
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    Jay-Z/DJ Danger Mouse/the Beatles - Dirt off your shoulder
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