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    wondering what francescas essay is on
  2. Adrianas Llama

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    interesting piece of trivia. theres no legal way for an australian to put music on an ipod! Cause theres no australian itunes music store. BAHAHA!!!!! *hides and hopes i dont get sued*
  3. Adrianas Llama

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    BAHAHAH! omg so true. blah i wouldnt download tv shows if australia didnt force us to wait a million years for things
  4. has taught me that the f5 key refreshes the page.. wowwww!
  5. Hey guys is she in the Veet add? i saw it last night and im like omg its thingy!! Well at least i think its thingy
  6. mpph my ibunnys getting old. i have to think of a new one.
  7. loves the tiiu!! And hails from the best place on earth! Australia
  8. Adrianas Llama

    I Am...

    insanely jealous of reddy eddy right now. I wont see Housewives till i see my friend <_<. which wont be till like saturday! Sharing downloading for a week sounds like a great idea in theroy but it truly sux when you dont see the other person for ages. Well booo to you dude *huffily withholds my family guy and american dad eps*
  9. man i couldnt comprehend watching the harry potter movies without reading the books first. My friend did that and i dont even know how she can be a fan its confusing. Anyway book four was my favey book by far so god damn they better not mess this up! Im so excited tho! i saw the preview for the first time at the start of Charlie and the Chocolate factory! i nearly peed my pants i was so excited
  10. The Island... wtf it was like one big advertising campaign... but it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be.. and scarlett... dayum
  11. *looks behind me then looks back at you*.. me? hehe its from teh sexy book video! she hula hoops in it!... twice ...
  12. BAHAHA omg i just watched that! i was so gonna cap the angry monkey crying like juuust for you!!! beat me too it why dont you <_<
  13. *coughs* and what about your llama.. hands off you llama!?
  14. *gasp* MADDOG! *picks up chair and looks around* show yawself!!
  15. *lowers head and canters towards you* LLAMA HEADBUTT! *BANG*
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