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  1. i made a few icons! i hope im allowed to post icons in the wallpaper thread! I spent a little bit of time on them and since i really dont wanna change my whacky icon i was hoping someone might wanna benifit from them. (yes Im a harry potter dork and Adriana would most definatley be a slytherin) Meh if anyone does use these just like credit me somehow! And like post here to let me know they'll be in use! twould be much appreciated! .
  2. Adrianas Llama

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    bunny mod way to make bunny different. i.e. bling bunny, heart eating bunny. i am talking to someone who is high as!... and i cant understand a word they be typing
  3. Adrianas Llama

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    thats what bunny wants you to think! MUAHAHAHAHAH! nobody ever expects the cute fuzzy wuzzy bunny! so HAH!... *coughs* *tries to think of a new bunny mod*
  4. there be some sexah wallys up in here homies! good work everyone!!
  5. Adrianas Llama

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    admiring newly modified bunny
  6. omg just wow.. beautiful beautiful candids. shes just gorgeous
  7. Adrianas Llama

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    gay for adriana.. and angelina... and gisel.. and heidi... and alessandra... and im wondering how many of those models names i spelt wrong
  8. yes, she had it today http://edition.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/europe/0.../klum.birth.ap/ <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ohhhhhhhhh that's so great ! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I saw that on the news today! aww congratulations Heidi!!!
  9. WHOOO! omg im proud! *yells and screams like the crazy woman in the simpsons and throws cats at you*
  10. Your Brain is 66.67% Female, 33.33% Male Your brain leans female You think with your heart, not your head Sweet and considerate, you are a giver But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you iiintterresting!
  11. aww thanks man! i love it! i love being recognised as the chick with the crazy (and as some people say motion sickness inducing) avi! *hugs it tight*
  12. *bottom lip quivers*.. why didnt i know about this! oh god whyyyy *sobs* thanks for the caps tho *blows nose loudly* i miss out on all the fun
  13. 8! man i love the little mermaid!!!! but omg when i was little my friend borrowed the video then like claimed they broke it and then i go to her house and it was just sitting in her video cabinet *fumes*.... yes im bitter. and some trivia! the little mermaids face was based on Alyssa Milano!
  14. Bunny told me to steal it... then eat it. (it tasted like chicken actually)
  15. Bunny!!!! *bows low to the lord and master* all hail bunny
  16. hahaha hands down i think thats the best picture of adriana ever!!! So hilarious
  17. awww man shes so beautiful isnt she. I have her biography at home i havent read it properly yet. my sister was going to do an art project on her but her teacher forced her to change it
  18. may or may not be a small blue frog
  19. Adrianas Llama

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    wishing death on channel ten since they moved oprah back to 3pm... I have to wait an extra hour! *cries*
  20. 1000000000000000 *drops to ground and bows low* all hail lord of the bunnies
  21. YaaaaaY!!! *blows party squeaker* . I also wanna take this moment to celebrate my 50th post!!! Whoot whoot!
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