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    my hair goes just past my shoulders. i have light brown hair with naturally blonde highlights. it's thick, curly, and unfortunately frizzy. it looks best blow-dried straight or curly and wet.
  2. flower by kenzo, navy by coty (not well known) then i like certain scents...like rose or vanilla i think i'm gonna buy VS "So In Love"...it has hints of rose, which i love
  3. idk where these pics are from:
  4. idk if this has been posted (there are too many candids! lol) but enjoy
  5. idk if u like any of these pics but i tried to choose pics that didnt have tags on them. the first one i think is a cute pic but i'm not sure where she'd sign it since it is kinda dark. the others have some good places to sign i think... Please do not post images side by side that will equal greater than 600 pixels in width. Thank You - Capt Snow
  6. eyebrow plucking/waxing/whatever is where i draw the line for myself. i agree that ur eyebrows can definitely change the way ur face looks. i just would never do my own eyebrows. i have nothing against those who do choose to shape their eyebrows, it just doesnt bother me (in others) one way or another as long as the person doesnt over-tweeze (i knew this one girl who HAD to pencil in her eyebrows coz she went a little tweeze happy lol)
  7. loving the strategically placed butterflies
  8. Harper's Bazaar, june or july 2004 (ashley judd was on the cover)
  9. whose breasts DONT look a bit odd in victoria's secret pictures?
  10. i generally don't like to refer to ppl as skanky, but all of vida's pics...seem...well...skanky. i think i could appreciate her body if it were ALL natural (in response to the person who said she comes closer to reality than any of the supermodels). but her breasts are clearly fake. but more importantly, all these pics are so...idk...degrading imo. there's nothing wrong w/being sexy. but this woman seems to be just ALL sex, with nothing else to make her interesting... thats just my opinion of course...
  11. wow thats a GREAT wallpaper. nice job (Y)
  12. ohhhh ok! thanks for the info
  13. OriginalSin


    i think it's safe to say rj stinks only b/c he stinks by rj standards... thing is, i was always reluctant to get this guy. i understood that javi vazquez had issues but i just felt we didnt give him a chance. now he's doing very well in arizona. thing is, i have a feeling he wouldnt be doing so well if he were still w/the yankees b/c 1. we're an american league team and it's just tougher on pitchers and 2. mel stottlemeyer isnt a particularly good pitching coach. i mean i dont blame him for ALL our problems coz he's not the one who has to go up there and pitch, but he doesnt seem to fix very
  14. can someone please tell me what UBOTY stands for!!! i'm new here
  15. idk...i dont support ocean's twelve as a whole lol
  16. that's how i feel about karolina kurkova...go figure. i really like adriana's smile. altho it's not the most "refined" so to speak...it's kinda gummy (i.e. her gums show A LOT) i like the naturalness of it. AND i also have a gummy smile (which i dont part. like ), so its nice to know that i'm not alone
  17. baseball and figure skating (yeah i'm a total chick...so sue me )
  18. OriginalSin


    i cannot wait!!!! i hope the pistons win!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  19. to respond to this thread overall... hmm i think moiselles said it best. high fashion models tend to have an edgier look to them...i wouldnt necessarily say unique just coz idk i think adriana lima has a unique (even strange) look to her and she CAN actually do high fashion but she's definitely more commercial. i think commercial models tend to appeal to more ppl like moiselles said. i know i personally tend to like commercial models a little more, think they're prettier, and more relatable and there are plenty of high fashion models who i just think BLEH. so yeah...idk if i actually said anyt
  20. voted for angelina but i like angelina, salma, kristin kreuk, and eva longoria
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