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  1. I gotta give it to Jessica Alba. Who do you think is most beautiful/sexy/your-favorite-looks-wise?
  2. Most beautifu girl in the world! No joke.
  3. She looks SO beautiful candid. <3
  4. LL's answering machine was sooo funny! Haha. I tried to call, most were disconnected
  5. Heart attack <3 Thanks, nameless!
  6. I do have a cable connection! It would be pretty quick for me if you want to do it that way!
  7. I'll admit, from seeing her randomly I didn't understand why she was a model. Looking throught the photos here = WOW.
  8. Thank you, Capt! I really don't mind. I'm normally here from about 4-8, except on Wednesdays.
  9. I love them all. The second one reminds me of SI.
  10. When she smiles = Stunning. When she doesn't = Kind of scary looking. I love her as an actress, though.
  11. http://img108.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img108&ima...age=bs268ng.jpg Oh my goooooosh. Why did I click?
  12. 1) Ana Beatriz <3 2) Space left empty for the greatness of ABB! Haha. 3) Kim Smith 4) Megan Ewing 5) Maria Menounos 6) Adriana 7) Kristin Kreuk 8) Rachel Bilson 9) Eva Mendes 10) Cameron Diaz
  13. Wow. That's a whole lot of pictures! Maybe you should send me some! Haha
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