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Carla Trujillo

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176cm / 5′9.5″


85 cm / 33.5″


68 cm / 28″


98 cm / 42.5″

Place of Origin:

Barcelona, Spain

Date of Birth:

July 22

Barcelona babe Carla got her start when she won Francina’s New Generation 2010 model contest. Now placed with Ford NY, Ford Paris and Joy Milan, Carla is a girl with enough versatility to command multiple markets, just like Ford + alumni Crystal Renn. Based in Madrid, Carla is a horse riding, beach sport loving bombshell.




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i had to see her modelling card to see that she was plus sized. i still dont see see it, but ill have to take ford+'s word for it :/

other than that-----


shes gonna be friggin huge *pardon the pun* :shifty:

sarnic, yet again, youre killin it with the amazing new girls :flower:

*saving thread to fave places

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Different sizes are always a good thing. Diversity in any sense makes the industry more competitive and interresting and as they're competing more and more with actresses for cosmetic commercials and magazine covers now they can't afford to get behind the rest of the world in the diversity front. In the aspect of size hundreds of girls with the same size and body is kindof dizzying :ninja: so plus size, curves and even the few really athletic ones some don't like added to the mix are for the better to break up the monotony. But umm...anyway :ninja: ...hope this is her :) ...


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it is, thank you. Her face is so stunning and I agree it is really nice to see different body types in modeling lately

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when I saw her face photo; I guessed she's skinny. But I saw her some photos and her video that she has been average weight as I liked her too much. She has been babyface and she's not skinny. It's great.

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