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Emily Feld


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So many of these RG shots feel more like candid photos instead of professional shoots. It makes the retouching seem all the more awkward. It feels like she's doing a better job selling clothes on her social media and depop than she every will with these.

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14 hours ago, elfstone said:

Those pictures are so GODAWFUL.

Photography and HMU all crap!

CaseyMiniBlack8_2400x.jpg.d386f52dd6bf8c823f0dc5f32526850e.jpg KaiaBlack1_2400x.jpg.a46baaf07e6b017d20ccba70d728e115.jpg KaiaMiniBlack3_2400x.jpg.a14b9f17e41f16999be6bacc26b23b82.jpg KaiaMiniBlack6_2400x.jpg.fb384d77d1c219f72259c7d187de7551.jpg

image_a1ffad8d-5324-4d3e-9b9e-cfde2d52e043_2400x.jpg.d669e2c493f1db26863ea7654dccac8f.jpg image_b77850e1-9178-4ea0-8877-e299b5f8c81e_2400x.jpg.b4ff457d625cfe3f4ac70a9885de22c1.jpg image_cae33e4d-0e3c-4216-b608-d97ed909338f_2400x.jpg.a36779912fa0ad02b4ad66cb1d92bab8.jpg Photo27-1-22_102241pm_2400x.jpg.4194ded842f6d8c5576d7106cbd035b7.jpg Photo27-1-22_114246am_2400x.jpg.9efdba1ad9e3f8662c1e4d11a4c874c6.jpg


I completely agree, it looks like cheap catalog pictures, like something you'd find on a bargain bin flyer.

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I can't tell if it was Runway Goddess attire, but she just posted a TikTok that would be infinitely more effective at advertisement.


EDIT: So yea, I couldn't tell at the time because I saw it through her TikTok, but it is for Runway Goddess. It's way better than the stills they're putting out.

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Is it possible that some or all of the crew that does the Runway Goddess shoots is the same as the crew for Nature Spirit? The themes and locations are obviously different, but the styles are identical.


21 hours ago, simpking said:

Emily's birthday on Sunday, guess we'll finally find out her age.


at this point I'm expecting her to pose with a half eaten cake with just the 1 visible, or balloons with the second one out of frame ... just to troll us all.

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