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3 minutes ago, Volupté said:

It's more expensive than passionata and little less than Aubade. Depends on the bra but some of them are at 70 euros at VS. Aubade are at 90 euros and Passionata at almost 50 euros.

Wow! It seems much more expensive than it is here.. it’s usually 50-60 Dollars for a bra. 

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40 minutes ago, Freak said:

I can totally remember a few months ago one of her photos was the first time VS got 1 million likes. And now is the second woww (although the comments are not positive, most of the are critics of her body and the brand) 

In all photos posted: Jasmine's, Behati's, Romee's there are comments like that, Ed made a mess with his comment so they are literally having discussions about skinny vs plus size models, and trans women under photos posted on VS insta.

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2 hours ago, almanaotemcor said:

Can anyone tell Robin to go fuck himself? I really think that she is already being annoying. I support the inclusion of girls of larger sizes to the industry but I do not think that for VS something good can come rushing things. In spite of all the movements that exist today, we still need a lot to even think about an idea like including large sizes to VS. The thought that tomorrow they will hire 5 XXL girls as angels, is ridiculous.


I love how you referred to her as "he" :rofl: :ninja: Like I said, plus size in the modeling industry is not  that "plus size" in reality. Most plus size models are still slightly smaller than average size (nowhere close to 5 XXL or even XL) so I don't think it would be that much of a drastic change if they included a few plus size models in their show. However I think do think the way Robyn is approaching this is ridiculous and she is coming off as an attention-whore :p

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2 hours ago, PastaFreak said:

Guys, how gay is it if I bought a Mary K x VS shirt to wear? The least feminine one of them all :rofl: ? 


First of all what's wrong with being gay??? :idk: Most gays I know are quite awesome and TBH not that much different than straights :) Second, if you want to get a MK x VS shirt I say go for it! :thumbs_up: What others may or may not think is on them. Just do you and be yourself. If getting the shirt makes you happy that's all that matters. Everything else is trivial :flower:  In fact, I demand you to get the shirt, wear it with the jacket you got last year, and post a video of yourself slaying it like a Queen!!! :yes::D  

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