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I'm celebrating 500 posts because I'll never get 1000

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I'm counting this as my greatest achievement possible since there's no way I'll hit 1000 and very little chance I'll hit 750. We'll see how bad the VSFS is :rofl: 

Also it's nearly two years since my join date (I'd rather say I've posted here in three different years lol). 




Much love to the admins (moderators?) especially @Michael* and @Prettyphile (surprise?) and @toodarnhot, @Limerlight, @ILUVAdrianaLima, and @Stormbringer among many others for great posts/friendship/music recs/hot avis/dealing with my bad message answering abilities/everything. And there are tons of people I'm missing who I have good conversations with who deserve a mention too! And the VSFS and salt threads. I'd like to thank them as well. 


And of course the Academy, have to thank them :rofl: 



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@Stormbringer Now I'm another post closer :p Really meant it, you've been lovely since I first stepped into a VS thread! And you've always got the best sets!


@Michael* It means a stupid amount much to me to see you say that! :heart: I adore this community and love the people in it and that's alllll on you, I'm sure ;) 

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