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I actually bothered to look for those dates because somehow I can't imagine you admitting you were wrong and I assume you would change the subject after finding when the shows took place.

"Herchcovitch spring/summer 2006" : September 2005 evidence

"Luca Luca s/s 2006" : September 2005 evidence

"Cori s/s 2006" : July 2005 evidence

"Zoomp s/s 2006" : June 2005 evidence

Most shows on Nothingless' page are placed in wrong years but I really don't think anyone should bother her about that. People who were interested in fashion will figure out the shows took place a year earlier then their name suggests.

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hahaa My sister is so funny, I showed her this site and she said "wow how do all these people get pictures, before anyone else?"

And I said "iono"

and she said "it'd be creepy if they time traveled and got pictures from the super bowl alreadY' HAHAHAH I laughed so hard :ninja: ... should've been there :hehe:

&& sorry I dont know her weight :[

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Has anyone been to Victoria Secret lately? I was at the mall last night and saw pics of Victoria Secrets new model. She resembles Adriana alot. Dark hair light eyes. I was wondering if anyone knows who she is. She was beautiful but definitely not as pretty as Adriana but still very pretty. Anyone have any pics or know who she is?

Thanks in advance.

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