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  1. She kinda looks like Rachel McAdams! Pretty and yeah she does look like Adri in that pic^
  2. What's Gemma Ward's face shape? It looks round but then again it doesn't.... Shes very gorgeous though.
  3. I think she has a really pretty and round face Reeyo THANKS SO MUCH for posting those pics! I saw her picture somewhere and tried so hard to find out who she is but thanks to you I finally found her name:D Devon Aoki is so cute
  4. http://www.upfrontmodels.com/monikas9.html I wasn't sure where to post this cuz I'm not sure if shes a real model or not but shes very pretty. Does anyone know anything about her or where I can find any more pics of her yo? She has a roun face
  5. Emilia Ikaheimo First Name: Emilia Last Name: Ikaheimo Nationality: Ethnicity: Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Height: 5' 8½" Measurements: 33-24-34½ Dress Size: (Eur) 38 : (US) 8 Shoe Size: (Eur) 39 : (US) 7 Entire credit goes to:http://www.fashionmodeldirectory.com/models/emilia_ikaheimo/showphoto/2481 Anymore pics of her? Thats the only one I could find:(
  6. Oh my gosh this girl is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love her round face and her doll-ish features! So pretty
  7. Neko10

    4 girls

    Did you find out who they are? If so can you tell me who the one on the very right is?
  8. Shes very pretty..does anyone have any candid smiling pictures of her??
  9. ^LOL:P I actually know some girls who are skinny but with chubby faces, I think they look fine:D And thanks so much Joe you posted so many pics:P But I think Miranda has a more heart shape face then round face. I'll contribute too lol I love her face: (sorry I have no idea what her name is)
  10. Miranda is absolutely gorgeous but her jaw and chin really kill it for me. There so unsymetrical..
  11. Are there any models out there with round faces? Cuz I'm gettin tired of looking at Oval faces all the time PLease post pics!
  12. ^^R u kidding lol i see better chicks then these bagging groceries now if u want hot then this girl is gorgeous
  13. OH MY GOSH PLEASE tell me yall are kidding about ANY of these chicks looking like Adriana, ESPECIALLY the one in the bikini <_< THe one Limalicious posted looks like she drew on her freaking lashes using paint! The fact that they're doing the Adriana Lima trade mark expression with their mouths half open is even funnier. Someone should tell these girls that only Adriana looks gorgeous doing that. I suppose Lindsay Lohan looks like Adriana cuz she has dark hair/light eyes
  14. You can not have a nice hair thread without Lindsay Lohan! Also Brenda song: I always wondered how she styled the top of her hair, like with the volume and all. Anyone wanna fill me in
  15. Can anyone PLEASE tell me any good ways to make my boobs look bigger! I don't want to get plastic surgery because fake boobs are so hard and all...I really need something natural. I'm sick and tired of being 34A
  16. Anybody know what type of exercises Ale does? Her body is so freaking amazing, especially her butt and thighs:ninja:
  17. Neko10


    Adriana......I'm really , really starting to NOT like her face shape anymore. But then again the only time I liked the shape of her face was when she smiled, otherwise her cheeks seemed to flat to me:ninja:
  18. Just put Miranda Kerr under everything:D
  19. Miranda's face shape is amazinggg jeez i cant get over how cute it is.
  20. 8 more minutes until the show! Miranda is gonna kill that shit!! Imagine if Irina was here!
  21. Neko10


    FINALLY some hq pics!! She looks amazing i have to say!
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