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  1. Your welcome Hope to see more swimsuit pictures, she's got a great body!
  2. Had this opened in another tab, somehow forgot to vote lol. Julia x3
  3. Didn't see these She's really beautiful!
  4. I came in here to ask the same thing lol
  5. All the new pictures are so beautiful, thanks for posting! Hopefully these weren't yet. Checked a few times and didn't see them
  6. Marisa-10 Kim-8.5 Claudia-9 Also wanted to add this competition has been very fun Joe, and thanks for creating it! Sorry if I don't log on to vote, or miss one, been having computer problems.
  7. Happy Birthday :)

  8. Bar-10 Luisana-8 Shes got a great stomach! Catherine-7 Catherine McNeil-9 Natasha-6 I can honestly never remember my old scores Joe (I try too)
  9. Scratch that. After the pictures above, I'll go with Aurelia x3 Marloes Horst x3
  10. Too bad I don't have any sound on this computer lol
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