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Your weight and height


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:s .. wow, you are 33 lbs lighter than I am... damn that's tiny, same height too.

That's even tinier than me and I am 5'2" and a size 2. You must have a very small frame, Aeneas.

34,25,34...not TOO small. I have seen smaller around here.

I find that really odd because we have almost identical measurements and even though I am four inches shorter than you, you are lighter than me. Maybe I just have more muscle seeing as that weighs more than fat. Though that still wouldn't make much sense since I haven't been to the gym in ages. :laugh:

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I want to gain weight and you want to lose some :laugh:

no matter what the people say, if you feel better being skinny....

yeah, that's it I don't care if people like it or hate it I'm doing it couse I feel better when I'm thinner. :clap:

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