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Marie Jo models ID

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Hi guys, can you please recognize some of these beauties ? they´re hot  :)

1.  df26b9422275270.jpg b1db07422275284.jpg 8bf599422275301.jpg eb732b422275315.jpg 34344e422275329.jpg 8f76a4422275351.jpg 

2.  ff61d9422275518.jpg 22014c422275703.jpg 7494de422275721.jpg 11a304422275731.jpg 

3.  6cb609422275610.jpg 

4.  07f643422275674.jpg 

5.  3a9f83422275681.jpg 3cdb9a422275717.jpg 11c55b422275725.jpg dc5896422275734.jpg 

6.  9e606d422275660.jpg 

7.  53b111422275691.jpg 

8.  a36bf1422275706.jpg 

9.  fcc364422275852.jpg 

10.  831e90422275850.jpg


11.  96ade5422311527.jpg b96a88422311794.jpg       

     3,4 & 7 are probably the same model

N°1 is a set from Fall/Winter collection of 2014

N°10 is from 2008 I guess

2nd picture of N°5 is from summer/spring collection 2013

N°3 is related to some lingerie collection shoot in 2013

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#6 can be Elise Crombez. It's hard to say with the angle of the picture.


Here's another picture of her for Marie Jo post-35116-0-1446073693-47999_thumb.jpg

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I believe No. 5 may be Kenza Fourati


it could be her too especially after looking at the second image. However, I am not 100% because 1 & 4 don't seem to be her. It's possible that 2 is a different model than 1&4?? IDK. Maybe I am over analyzing it.  

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