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  1. I believe #9 is Barbara Nepomuceno
  2. I believe you are correct on #4. Thank you very much
  3. I believe you're correct on #3. Thank you very much.
  4. I've several ID's I'm requsting help in gathering. I'll include the source/site info if I have it. 1. From Kleo Lingerie. 2. I believe this model is from a Triumph campaign. 3. Source unknown. 4. Here is a model that I've seen ID requests from other Bellazonians. Since I didn't see any replies, I've included her here as well. As always, many thanks for the help and please excuse any previous ID'd individuals. Cheers
  5. #1 may be Katy Antonenko https://www.metromodels.com/en/classic/193-katy-antonenko/
  6. Just happened upon this thread after finding these pics. I wondered who it might be. It appears to me to be Blanka Berki Recent issue from Hanro.
  7. #8 Looks like Signe Nordstrom
  8. Here is one repeat and one new posting that I would like help naming. Thanks in advance for the help. 1. From Lise-Charmel, unsure of the date. 2. From Felina, again unsure of the date.
  9. I have exhausted my limited skills in attempts to ID these models. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks. Ender Legard Lise-Charmel Leilieve Lingerie
  10. Saw this model recently and was curious who it was. Thanks in advance.
  11. I believe the model in the video of the Rosa Faia swimwear is actually Jessica Greaves and not Lucy. I could be wrong of course.
  12. Found the following ID's on No.1 listed as Julia Chernetsova (Yulia Chernetsova) And No. 2 listed as Laela Vastrick https://touchemodels.com/women/laela-vastrick/
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