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  1. Found the following ID's on No.1 listed as Julia Chernetsova (Yulia Chernetsova) And No. 2 listed as Laela Vastrick https://touchemodels.com/women/laela-vastrick/
  2. Estefania Vazquez perhaps.
  3. I've been wondering if anyone can help ID these models. Source data provided if known. Thanks for the help. 1. 2. Fantasie campaign 3. 4. 5. Fantasie Was thinking No. 5 might be Tahnee Atkinson but after some research I'm not so sure. Thanks again.
  4. Well T_P I do believe you figured it out. Bravo! Thanks
  5. I stumbled across this earlier today, and as usual I'm late to the party (it's how I roll), but I think 3a is Lucia Kopacikova. https://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/49032-lucia-kopacikova/#comments
  6. Unfortunately I do not have much information on the source of these pics. Thanks for your help. 1. Possible Wacoal model from 2013 or 14 or so 2. 3. Rosme Lingerie. I believe the brand is from Latvia. Thanks again for the help. 4. Annette fashion.
  7. A couple beauties from the Glamorize site. Any ideas on who they are? Thanks in advance. 1. 2. This one is from Femilet. 3.
  8. I believe the blond is Sabina Thit
  9. Thank you for your reply.
  10. LoneWatie

    Soma Models

    I am curious who these models from Soma might be. Thank you in advance. 1. 2.
  11. Thanks for the reply. It appears you are correct. Again.
  12. Anyone know who this might be? Thanks for your reply.
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