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Survival of the Fittest - New Faces Edition


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4 hours ago, Chez888 said:

Hello there , may i know what kind of competition is this ? well I'm new here dont know about this stuff

You just need to vote the model you like more, who gets to 10 votes first is the winner..who wins will go against another model and so on

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Clara Alonso [14]

Victoria Lee [13]

Sofia Resing [11]
Tanya Mityushina [10]

Xian Mikol [10]

Agathe Teyssier [8]

Elle Trowbridge [8]
Bridget Satterlee [7]
Elizabeth Turner [7]

Samantha Gradoville [7]

Elsie Hewitt [7]

Michelle Randolph [7]
Yara Khmidan [6]
 Yulia Rose [6]
Alina Kirchiu [6]
Anthea Page [6]
Alicia Medina [6]

Cindy Mello [6]

Brittany Oldehoff [6]

Sera Mann [6]
Marina Laswick [5]
Kassi Smith [5]
Robin Holzken [5]
Anastasiya Scheglova [5]

Anna Christina Schwartz [4]
Rose Bertam [4]
Stella Trapsh [4]

Bruna Lirio [4]

Elisabeth Giolito  [4]

Nibar Madar [4]

Amanda Pizziconi [4]

Josefine Forsberg [4]
Rachel Cook [3]
Elly Sharp [3]
Sandrah Hellberg [3]

Hanna Verhees [3]
Gintare Sudziute [2]
Nicole Harrison [2]
Abby Champion [2]
Solveig Mork Hansen [2]
Luiza Freyesleben [2]
Zoe Mantzakanis [2]

Zhenya Katava [2]

Zorana Kuzmanovic [2]

Sonia Ben Ammar [2]

Sofija Milosevic [2]

Jessica Wall [2]
Agnes Pimental [1]
Caitlin Ricketts [1]
Magdalena Zalejska [1]
Jessica Lee Buchanan [1]
Cameron Rorrison [1]
Valery Kaufman [1]
Scarlett Leithold [1]
Luma Grothe [1]
Jessica Clements [1]
Chandler Bailey [1]
Paulina Kurka [1]
Margaux Brazhnyk [1]

Stephanie Geldhof [1]

Celine Bethmann [1]

Jessica Gomes [1]

Iliana Chernakova [1]

Barbara Fialho [1]

Birgit Kos [1]

Audreyana Michelle [1]

Dasha Khlystun [1]

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i used all the models from the list of nominations we did 120983970 years ago :rofl:

i'm not gonna do nominations again tho, i'll choose the models myself

if someone want me to use a model send me a PM with all the models you want to see here, they can't have more than 40 pages

(ps: i'll not use older models even if they have 2 pages, only new faces)

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