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Heather Bratton dies in fiery crash


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OMG ! Ok this is gonna sound totally lame because it's just as tragic as any other young woman dying but when i read the title of that thread i felt weird all of a sudden... I mean models are such icones sometimes that you tend to forget they're human beings too... She was one of the newest it girl, earlier this afternoon i was watching the valentino FW06 show and i saw her struttin her stuff on the runway... I remember her amazing Vogue Italia cover from two months ago... That's really sad :(

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I didn't even know ,before that who was she...But that is too sad...Especially when she had such a bright future ahead of her...She was probably gonn make it big... :cry:

Life's unfair..:(

Angelina Lidvall's sister (who was a model too) Died recently also... :(

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I dont know who to feel sorry for..her or her family. How could you begin to feel when you're a parent of a beautiful young lady and she appears on magazine covers and runway shoots. A beautiful young girl just at the highlight of her life, then her life is taken so easily in such seconds. How would you begin to explain? Rest in Peace Heather. May God bless your soul and your family.

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  • 10 months later...

It's almost a year....

I wanted to check now when she died exactly, I googled her name and visited her website. Looking at the photos of her on this site and listening to the song there..... It made me cry :( :cry:

R.I.P. Heather Bratton (June 25, 1987 – July 22, 2006)

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