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If alessandra is pregnate i am very happy for her as a young woman but very worried because her and this guy havent even been together that long and they are not married (no man in his right mind would leave her) but that would be my main concern if he leaves her like guys do sometimes (get the girl pregnate then leave) i will kill him!!!!!!!

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She's never been SKINNY. She's always been FIT.. there's a big big difference people. Psst I think the word you're looking for is Thin... Thin and skinny... two totally seperate words... Skinny and fat.... two totally seperate words... thick and fat... again... difffffferent!..

Alessandra is thin and fit ... not skinny... are we clear? Hmm okies.. good.

God some of you people make my head hurt.. a lot, and by a lot I mean a lot.

PS: Where the fuck are you people getting Fat from? Pheno never called her fat.. she said she's not skinny... but fit.. Oh jesus now my head hurts more. Read her post again.. pretty damn straight forward to me... there's nothing hidden between the lines... never called her fat, thick, heavy, zomg it has it's own gravtalinal pull.... no.. she said FIT

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I think she is pregnant and am happy for her but aleambfan you're gonna look abit silly when its definately confirmed she is pregnant by her or her management. You can see in those recent miami pics shes like afew months pregnant, i wonder what this kid will look like? :)
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she is not preggers. and she has always had breast. but its the vs braws that gives it more cleavege. ale has never ever been skinny. she has always had a lil belly. and she has curves. here are some pics that shows her lil belly from the past and now....and pics of her breast lol :blush: :whistle: to me i dont think she is...and how can she be a couple of months if she dont even have a big bump!? uhhh...she doesnt. she doesnt post anything cuz she doesnt want to waist her time saying that the rummors are false. and dont u think if she was preggers she would have retired from modeling. she said it herself that when she has kids she would retired and have a normal life. then why do u think ale was doing two days ago in miami shooting for vs at the beach...becuz she is not pregnant. :whistle: anyway yeah...thats how i see it.

the third pic i think that pheo has posted her walking out of a van i think and u c like fat on her sides or whatever...i think she has had that cuz here are pics of her having that. and where she sticks her body and saying thats her fat..its not..and she said that she doesn go on diets and that she loves to eat. maybe she wants to change, just like adriana..shes like her now. buts that how i c it and believe so dont bite my head off..lol :blush:

*twitches and stares*

*twitches a bit more and continues to stare*

Ok people every woman; and I mean every woman has a little bit of a curve on their lower belly. I don't care how tiny a women's build is, I don't care how anorexic or bulemic a women is they have that little bump at the bottom of their stomach. Her bump just got substantially bigger regardless of how you want to look at it. And yes VS bra's are for the most part push-up bras. Should we go look back over the last few years at her in the shows. Her breasts do look quite a bit fuller.

I can't say anything about your spelling because it makes my head hurt on epic levels that haven't been seen before. It learns to spell check or do something because waste and waist are two totally different things. Regardless before this turns into a nit picky post commenting on your spelling and grammar I'm going to get back on topic. You say Ale has never been skinny which is true. She's never been skinny she's been fit. There's a big difference.

Now as to your statement about her allegedly retiring on becoming pregnant it's a fine and dandy statement to make when on camera; some might call it a noble statement I call it bullsh*t. When you have contracts you can't just drop off the face of the planet, not without paying some hefty fines and dealing with a number of lawsuits. Do you think she wants to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to just drop out of the modeling world.

Feasibly the best thing she could hope for was to wait for her contracts to expire and just not renew them. She's got a good thing going for her and if she is pregnant that's great. I hope everything turns out well for her... but I doubt her agents going to be very happy regardless. She's either putting on a fair amount of weight or she's pregnant you take your pick. I'd almost hope for the pregnancy because at least then she won't be inclined to go on the yo-yo diet a lot of the other models seem to be doing.

As for what she's doing in Miami... It's called finishing contracts. You can't just walk out on those as I said above. Besides it's called air brushing. A lot of models continue to model while pregnant until they really start to show. As for the settling down when she has a kid thing she said on camera. People say a lot of things when a camera is pointed at them, and a lot of what they say is scripted by their PR and writers. They say it to make themselves look good. Better public relations better sales right?

Just because someone says one thing doesn't necessarily mean they're going to follow through with said statement. Stuff happens, things change, circumstances dictate actions. When I was pregnant my big plan was to stay with the father of the baby... well that didn't happen thank god. You know she may take a few years off or she may go back to work almost immediately it doesn't mean sh*t people. What she says on film means next to nothing.

Seriously look back at some of the things those models allegedly said. Marissa Miller's secret indulgence is doing laundry... Seriously people who does that. Laundry as a secret indulgence... you can't tell me that wasn't scripted. My secret indulgence hmm.... hot soapy bubble baths with the boy and or girl of my choosing sometimes both depending on my mood followed by a nice little spanking possibly a few ice cubes thrown into the mix and well you don't need to know the rest. Now that's a secret indulgence care to share yours?

Oh ya and on an off note did you fail to look at the pictures I posted on the pregnancy. I wasn't huge at 5 months... what makes you think she is. She could be 4 months along and barely be showing. I didn't really start to show big time until 7 and a half months. I didn't tell anyone but the father until 7 and a half months... I wasn't a big person to begin with and I was able to hide it quite successfully. Please note when hiding a pregnancy don't try and go to get x-rays on knee... They ask questions about pregnancies you generally feel guilty if you lie.. it sucks.

Anyways if she is not pregnant it learns how to diet or stop eating chocolate and other junk... it puts the twinkies down and walks away from the mcdonalds, or something. Cause seriously she's kinda packing on the pounds a bit quickly don't you think?

Anyways, lots of love.... lots of love people. *stares some more just for good measure*

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well you will feel dumb when she has the baby in months. plus really it's not my business if Ale is pregnant or whatever. I mean it's her life I am just saying she is because that is a strong rumor. you don't have to yell at people for having a different opinion.

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yes and i agree with u. i was thinking about that. everyone has there own opionion its true. but i just didnt understand what she was referring about my spelling thats all. etc etc...and thats all im going to say cuz..i dont wanna start anything :blush:

but ur right and i apologize....but still u never knw.... :whistle: lmao!!

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I don't think she' pregnant... In page 137 (pictures from December 2nd 2007) We can clearly see that she is drinking Caipirinha... alcohol drink... And december is a month ago... And you guys absolutely sure that she is few month pregnant...

Pregnant lady + alcohol? Do not match...

Or she's drinking virgin Caipirinha? :cain:

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