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What's your favorite movie genre


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There isn't one genre I prefer really. I watch all genres. I think the only one that I don't have much love for are musicals.

i hate Sci-fi, action and horror movies because i see no interest in them :whistle:

horror --> aren't those supposed to scare me ? they're just ridiculous... :|

Sci-fi --> :sleep:

action --> same shit over and over again... i hate american blockbusters :ninja: (well most of them, there are exceptions)

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There is some very high quality sci-fi stuff out there. But you have to look for the character and plot driven kind. Try Blade Runner, or Solaris (the original or the remake :p). Or even 2001: A space Odyssey.

And I don't like your run of the mill action flick either, but when it's done right, it can be good.

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I'll watch any genre, and in my favorites I will totally avoid the crap. are most action movies terrible? yes! that doesn't mean I'm going to avoid the great ones. and just because the first Spiderman movie was one of the worst ever, doesn't mean I'm going to not see the current run of them.

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Here's my favorite movie in every genre Rhett suggested:

Action: Bullit

Adventure: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Period Romance Dangerous Liaisons

Modern Romance: La fille sur le pont

Romantic Comedy: Bringing up Baby

War: The thin red line

Historical: Lawrence of Arabia

Sci-Fi: Blade Runner

Superhero X-men 2

Thriller : The Third Man

Spy Thriller: The Bourne Identity

Horror: I don't really have a favorite horror movie. I guess the problem with this genre for me is that allthough it can be entertaining, the conventions of the genre make little movies stand out.

Drama: Requiem for a dream

Martial Arts: Oldboy (not really a pure martial arts movie, but the fight scene with the hammer is my all time favorite martial arts scene)

Mystery The Usual Suspects

Animated : The Incredibles

Classic Hollywood: The Maltese Falcon

Classic Japanese : Shichinin no samurai

French New Wave : Les 400 coups

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