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Antonia Trettel

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Place Models Hamburg

Elite Models Paris

Elite Models Barcelona

Storm Models London

Next Company- Vienna

Le Management- Arahaus

Fashion Models- Milan

Formerly with

MC2 Models- New York

Vision Models LA

1st Option Models- Copenhagen

Take 2 Models London

Why Not Milan

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"That's My Wife"

Photography – Alejandro Sonoro

Video – Alex Antolino by MMMIND Studio

Assistant Photographer – Elena Bofill

Model – Antonia Trettel @ Elite models Barcelona

Producer and Art Director – Lor Solano

Styling – Somos 2 by Anna y Borja

Make up & Hair – Junior Queiros

17507831_tmw_alejandro-sonoro_bentrovato 17507832_tmw_alejandro-sonoro_bentrovato 17507833_tmw_alejandro-sonoro_bentrovato 17507834_tmw_alejandro-sonoro_bentrovato 17507835_tmw_alejandro-sonoro_bentrovato 17507836_tmw_alejandro-sonoro_bentrovato 17507837_tmw_alejandro-sonoro_bentrovato 17507838_tmw_alejandro-sonoro_bentrovato 17507839_tmw_alejandro-sonoro_bentrovato 17507840_tmw_alejandro-sonoro_bentrovato 17507841_tmw_alejandro-sonoro_bentrovato 17507842_tmw_alejandro-sonoro_bentrovato 17507843_tmw_alejandro-sonoro_bentrovato 17507844_tmw_alejandro-sonoro_bentrovato

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