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1\Her sister began to follow British Vogue recently. She usually follows brands/mags that Gisele will work with. 

2\Pat McGrath pic (spring campaigns have been released so it must be Vogue Italia)

3\Mert & Marcus are posting on her today, I wonder if she is working with them....

4\She worked with Mario Testino in NY last week 


So maybe Vogue UK\Italia\Paris\US 


LOL !!! what a wonderful dream.....

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Lover of Carnival, Brady reveals passion for Brazil and Portuguese classes by Gisele


One of the greatest football players of all time, Tom Brady spoke to Portuguese during the traditional day of service to the press on Tuesday, the US Airways Center in Phoenix, the week of Super Bowl XLIX, where the New England Patriots face the Seattle Seahawks.


Asked by the report ESPN.com.br on Brazil, Brady, who is married and has children with the Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen, praised the homeland of his beloved.


"I love Brazil, obviously for many reasons. Having been there in the final of the World Cup was an amazing experience and I have a lot of family there," said Brady, who has visited the Rio Grande do Sul with Gisele and in 2011 was the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro with his wife.


"(Carnival) was unlike anything I've ever seen, it was pretty spectacular. I will return soon. My wife wants to go there more often, for our children to see their grandparents. It's a beautiful country.


Finally, asked what he could speak in Portuguese, the quarterback 37 years, risked speaking the native tongue of his wife. "I know a lot of words. I only know the good stuff, I trust my wife. I know how to say 'I love you' (in Portuguese)."

Brady has been voted MVP (best player) NFL twice in his career and won three titles. This is his sixth appearance in the Super Bowl.



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There are so many great articles right now. 


Gisele Bündchen Is the Ultimate WAG: Her Chicest Athletic Looks In Vogue




Vanity Fair has wanted a Tom and Gisele cover for years, I wonder if they will finally say yes? :p


The Bündchen-Bradys Are Officially One of America’s Most Perfect Families




Gisele Bündchen Bedazzles Her Patriots Jersey—Plus, Her Post-Victory Plaid Shirt Is Sold Out!

Fans must have noticed and liked her post-victory look because the $68 Kendra Contrast Cuff top is completely sold out! But not to worry, Bostonians, the brand has plenty similar looking red, white and blue plaid button downs that could work. 


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Inside the Effort to Brand Tom Brady

You may have noticed this past NFL season that Gisele Bündchen has been busy sharing her family's New England Patriots pride on Instagram, or that husband Tom Brady has been posting a lot of personal photos on Facebook. It's not a coincidence. Following in the trend of athletes trying to extend their careers past the playing field, Brady is making a concerted effort to turn himself from star quarterback to resilient brand with the help of social media.

Adam Padilla, founder of creative agency BrandFire, which specializes in rebranding startups and celebrities, worked with Tom Brady this year to create a logo for the Patriots quarterback. Brady's manager Will McDonough has been working to get the Super Bowl XLIX MVP more active on social media, and the two teams helped work to turn Brady into the TB12 brand. (He's No. 12 on the field.)

Thanks to social media platforms, it's easy to keep fans engaged in the off season. And a growing list of followers can lead to more lucrative marketing deals. But Padilla explained that besides a Facebook page, Brady doesn't have an online presence, so his team decided to focus on building his brand this year.

"Being such a perfect guy makes him inaccessible to the average person," Padilla explained.

Since Brady is a private person for the most part, the shop encouraged him to keep his social media management in-house, post more frequently on Facebook, and harness his wife's very popular Twitter and Instagram accounts. Padilla said it's no coincidence that Bündchen is wearing and posting more Brady-related content; she often sat in on the meetings.

When it comes to celebrities, specifically athletes, Padilla said branding is most effective when the persona put forward meshes with how the person is perceived. He suggests playing on the athlete's strengths. "Don't fight against nature," Padilla said. "Tom Brady is a clean-cut, all-American, square-jawed, handsome guy. You can't make a graffiti logo or something that's too conservative or wild."

In addition, it helps when athletes show they are normal people. Allowing Brady to self deprecate on Facebook, like posting awkward childhood photos, or show his goofy side with the help of pop culture memes, help people connect with him.

"It makes you stronger to show you're vulnerable," Padilla said.



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Susan Duffy, the CMO of Stuart Weitzman, has spent almost four years taking the storied shoe brand’s image from comfortable, well-made classics to chic must-haves that stylish women of every generation covet. 



Gisele is the face of your Spring campaign. How does she embody the Stuart Weitzman woman?

When you look at the Spring campaign, you look into Gisele’s eyes and say, “Wow, she’s gorgeous!” but then you say, “I want to buy those shoes.” It’s really about the relationship she has with her shoes. The campaign always captures a woman’s sexiness in a natural and classic, timeless way. Gisele is the perfect Stuart Weitzman woman, because she’s sexy, confident, effortless, and inherently glam. She’s a sophisticated tomboy and a multitasking mom—she’s the quintessential girl next door who has basically married the prom king. We’ve entered the age of “Giselegance.” She’s not just the new face of the campaign, she’s also the new legs of the campaign.



When has social media been most effective for you?

One recent example was when Gisele wore our Lowland boots to the Super Bowl. That photograph went everywhere, and we saw a huge increase in sales. We actually don’t have an agreement that we pay her to wear the shoes—she is only paid to appear in our campaigns. She just likes those shoes and wore them. It’s always fabulous when that happens.




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(We can now cross off the Mario Testino shoots and the British Vogue rumors above. :p )


Waiting on:

-PatMcGrath photoshoot 

-Vogue Brazil 40th anniversary/Gisele 20th anniversary issue dedicated to her (believe its the May issue)

-Photoshoot this week in NYC (with GB65 again) He usually works with Mert & Marcus or Meisel)

-and I think she has a Mario Sorrenti photoshoot coming out 



Also wondering where her new Les Beiges campaign is...



Vogue Brazil issue is going to feature many photographers shooting her and probably multiple covers, so not sure if these shoots are all related to that one project or not. 

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She has a huge chance for VP always, Emanuelle Alt loves Gi. Plus I'm sure there are many shoots we have no idea about. Gisele rarely posts pics at her shoots. actually when she doesnt post for few days shes usually working. when she posts alot, she usually has free time. I've noticed. :p (which last week she hardly posted, she was shooting in new york)

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A new interview with Caras Chile she did before the Superbowl. I tried to fix some things a bit. :p



The instinct of Gisele


  • Spent 20 years in the competitive world of modeling, and today she is a brand in itself. Her annual salary of $ 40 million is in contrast to her simplicity and proximity to the interview in Boston. Knows how to combine natural beauty, work, professionalism and an insight that has developed to form a family -together football player Tom Brady and her two children and be more relevant than ever at age 35.    
  • It was a harsh winter in Boston  with freezing temperatures and the passage of the major storm that has been recorded in decades on the east coast of the United States. The monster storm, as was baptized, he hit hard Massachusetts, where he declared a state of emergency and hundreds of flights were canceled due to bad weather and lots of snow.Here lives the world's highest paid model, Gisele Bündchen , along with her two kids -Benjamin Rein 4 years and Vivian Lake than a year and her husband, Tom Brady , the number one football league, NFL, and member of the New England Patriots , based in that city. "I'm a Bostonian ..." she has said more than once, although she confesses that "the climate is harsh and culture is different from the Brazilians, who are more open and warm. But I have traveled since I was 16, I do not see barriers, I am a child of the world. Sure, I grew up in Brazil, but I can get used to everything. "

    Fifteen degrees below zero with a wind chill of minus twenty. So we get the   city of Boston to interview Gisele, who has three days of intense recordings and photos to the campaign of the autumn-winter collection Falabella , which she is the official face.

  • -¡¡Hola !!,   she greets us smiling dressed in trousers and a woolen coat while resting a few minutes in her camper.  She is tall (1.80), fine and very athletic bones. Her look is natural, almost no makeup and looks sensational. She gets a handkerchief ... "sorry ... my nose can no more with this cold ...". She stops coughing and drinks a glass of water, "I hardly can hear because I have sinusitis and am taking antibiotics."

  • It's hard winter in Boston ...

    Yes, very cold ... I'm so dizzy with remedies that I hardly know where I am ... (laughs)

    The next day she will leave for Arizona to see her husband play in the expected Super Bowl , the biggest sporting event in the United States.

  • Are you nervous about the game?

    I just want to depart and be with my children and scream and support my husband in the stadium ... I get very nervous but not because it's theSuper Bowl but because the person you love is  in the midst of this group of players and could get hurt such as happened once and that scares me a lot.

    The "Bundchen-Brady" as they are known are low profile and a loft in downtown Boston built a house in the suburbs  where they have a large garden and even an organic garden. Her life seems perfect and generates many envious. But here's there is history of work and sacrifice. Tom Brady recently awarded for the third time as the most valuable player of the NFL and Champion Super Bowl with the New England Patriots began college football at Michigan   and thanks to his talent and physical prowess today is the best quarterback in football  of Lately since   he was drafted by the team based in Boston in 2000.  It has an average annual salary of $ 18 million and has been recognized as the "Male Athlete of the Year" by the Associated Press . Before marrying Brazilian model   had an affair with actress Bridget Moynahan with whom he has a son, John, age 7, who Gisele has integrated the family group as one. 

  • The Bündchen, former Angel Victoria's Secret , meanwhile, wins a year over 40 million according to Forbes, has her own line of lingerie   and natural cosmetics, Sejaa, and  has worked as a model more than 20 years without losing Effectiveness at 35 years. She is the face of Chanel , of Pantene and participates in campaigns of international renown. She is a brand in itself.  

    Her physical perfection-measures 1.80 and its measures are 86-61-86 - and her natural instinct for business are now recognized in the fashion world.

  • "Things do not happen from one day to another ... time shows your work.You have to have some type of security where customers are seeing you will return and have credibility   for them ... and that occurs with age. I respect people and people trust me when they hire me ".

    Those who have worked with Gisele highlights her professionalism. what she brings to photo shoots, knows her strengths and knows what  the brand or customer wants, if you are sick just arrive on time and she meets the contracts (which we saw on this trip) and is an angel cameras worship .

  • She is authentic and no diva and is always attentive to the people who work with her.

  • "It is hundred percent natural," says a member of the recording equipment while we see Gisele on set sitting next to a little girl at a table full of cupcakes and fruit. They laugh, Gisele gives strawberries and makes her smile. Facing cameras you don't see cold. She's hundred percent.

    Snow falls in Boston, another day of recording, and although the study is temperate cold is inevitable. Gisele, without complaining,  no doubt wear a crop top and  palazzos .

  • Did you learn thoroughness from your family?

    My mother was a bank teller, always worked. She is my hero. As she had six children before she was my idol but since I am a mother, is amazing. I have three children and sometimes say 'how did she do ?!'. With so many children there is a lot of responsibility and saw her every day waking up at 6 am making breakfast and my dad taking us to school, then on  weekends she washing clothes for eight. Imagine!   All the time she was giving, doing things for us. So for me to work hard is not hard because I saw my life in my house.

  • 'Is that the key to your residence for 20 years in the competitive world of modeling?

    Yes, of course. We must be respectful to people, you have to give it your best and no one is guilty because  you're sick ... I have to give  one hundred percent. Now I am with sinusitis, but no excuses ... and  I learned that from my mother: 'What has to be done ... "she said.

    Gisele, who at age 14 was discovered by Elite Models at Mc Donald in her hometown of Horizontina in the province of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, departed at 16 years to New York, where she began to march runways. And precisely was modeling for designer Alexander McQueen , who brought back  the concept of "sexy model" to the catwalks, with whom she became famous. She has said on more than one occasion that "modeling has not been easy for me. At first everyone didnt thought I was beautiful, I attended 42 castings and all rejected me. " The final push came when the photographer Mario Testino and Patrick Demarchelier highlighted the beauty she portrayed "healthy and perfect proportions".Thus began her career take off.

  • "Before the modeling world was different, had to do many parades to let them know you, be seen by any editors of fashion magazines, out on productions and so were starting to campaign for brands. You had to leapfrog, follow a process ... Today with technology, Instagram, paparazzi it is different, there are a lot of noise outside ... Before there was more anonymity, it was another job. Just although it took 20 years to prove I still think every day, I should make a good impression, "says Gisele sincerely.

  • Sometimes you 'Feel vulnerable?

    'Sometimes questions arise but overall I have no fears, I usually go for something and I move ... I think there is no other way. Feel and act.

    'For example, the decision to leave the Victoria's Secret brand?

    I thought it would be beneficial for me, I felt I was grateful for the experience they gave me and I required move. Sometimes you need to empty the cup and fill it with something else and if  you feel fear not know what the future holds for you. Fear paralyzes you and never know what you can win ...

  • What you won, how that glass was filled?

    Many things ... First, I met my husband and I could devote time to the relationship, if it had been working on Victoria's Secret would not have room for it and the truth is that I always listen to my heart.  I do not follow advice when I have to make a decision. I only meditate, I seek silence and find the answer.

  • Instinctive 'Are you at all?

    -The Really do not know to do otherwise ... I feel it in my body, in my stomach. Sometimes I pretend to not feel it ... but it's inevitable. All decisions of my life are.

    "I knew the mountains of Chile!" , she remembers excited as  we talked ... "With my family, parents and nieces rented a bus  and went to Brazil, arrived at Argentina, Mendoza crossed the Andes, which is lovely! ,  and we did a horseback ride. I loved it! Then we went through Santiago and went to celebrate the New Year to Pucon and climb the Villarrica volcano. It was one of the best trips of my life, I always say I have to repeat it, "says Gisele her green eyes light up.

  • You should know the south of Chile or North, San Pedro de Atacama with their indigenous culture and desert ...

    Yes, that fascinates me ... how to llama San Pedro ...? ... I'll investigate ...

    The environment and its conservation is a cause that Gisele Bündchen has been deeply involved. She is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations  and created by the Brazilian company Grendene some flip flops (sandals) with her name whose profits  go to reforestations and the forest  of the Amazon. With her family she started the Clean Water Project to clean up a river near Horizontina  and is working on an ecological comic book.

  • She likes the outdoors and sports.  grew up on a farm in Horizontina with her parents, five sisters and grandparents. Together they gathered eggs to roost and garden vegetables. All natural. So she is consistent and try to replicate that life in Boston. Besides eating what their organic crop planting, farmers purchase through cooperative  farm is in the city where it is paid monthly and you get what you harvested in the month."Sometimes we eat squash for weeks," she said.

  • Habits instilled in her family, including her husband. "Our health depends on the health of the planet," she said. The "Bundchen-Brady" appear on Instagram -has more than 4 million followers preparing vegetable smoothies or eating large plates of fruit harvested from their home or property they have in Costa Rica, where they always escape to relax and be contact with nature. For example Gisele is fundamental. 

    "Children beyond what you tell them they care how you are, if you push yourself to be calm have to be you too, can not ask them to be what you are not. If I tell you not to eat sugar can not have sugar in my house.They are a mirror and work so much to be a good example, "reflects Gisele, who acknowledges that tries to avoid trips much work to spend time with their children Benjamin and Vivian.

  • How have you done for your marriage reconcile two very different cultures, Latino and American?

    I think the family has always been the most important to me and my parents were close. They gave me lots of love and wings to fly and live my life.  They were always there and they are very strong power base, unconditional love and that the same have worked with my husband because his family is the same as well. We are affectionate and loving, but we put limits also give them lots of love. I want my children  to feel safe and loved just as I felt as a child and when I left the house.

  • A few years ago, before I met Tom Brady-who said "get lucky to be married to my best friend ... We stand at all times and we know that the basis of our relationship is love" - Gisele confessed back then  that her life was summed up in  "get up, take pictures, go to sleep, then more pictures" and started looking for literature that will give more meaning to her life.She found Miguel Ruiz, a Mexican author Carlos Castaneda follower, whose best known work is The Four Agreements (1997), which has sold four million copies   and turned over to his view of things. Its premises are: be impeccable with your word, do not take anything personally, do not make assumptions and always gives his best. Today Gisele gets up before 6 am to meditate, then does kung fu or yoga and so   manages to be alone  to share with their children and be aware of the feelings and needs of those around her.

    "I am fascinated by his books. They helped me to trust my instincts and understand that giving is the key to life. That's the secret. The more I give the more I receive. I was fortunate to realize that long ago ... But not about to give up abandoned or neglected, first you have to want and know you, that is essential or else can not deliver anything. "

  • But it's a dizzying world, especially the fashion, fame. How do you do to keep your feet on the ground?

    That's the outside and I do not pay attention. Inside there is always silence, since there is no peace and no noise or feel the outside counsel or your schedule full of things to do. In this place you'll make the right decision.

  • A friend once told me: 'when negative comments of a million people do not affect you, you're free' and that made much sense to me. 

    And what you expect from the future, you will continue in modeling, how you project yourself?

    I try to live now. Sometimes we have very large lives outside but we are empty inside, I try to work within me to make it larger.  The outside will be a reflection of who you are inside ...

  • http://www.caras.cl/moda/el-instinto-de-gisele/


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