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I Love the 90s

Joe > Average

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Travel back in time to the 90s...


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It was a time where hard rock was still mainstream, a time of gangsta rap before rims and pop collaborations. SNL and The Simpsons were funny, stand up comedians were kings, rap videos told stories and family sitcoms were plentiful. Good looks were becoming more of a commodity for singers, actors and actresses, but being old, overweight or ugly wasn't yet a hindrance. Everyone thought they were cool and modern. There were great shows and there were one season wonders people either pretend never existed or won't believe existed. There were some serious scandals and equally serious trials that were covered to excess. There were great one hit wonders and awful one hit wonders in music and television. There was no Youtube, so like the 80s, music video shows were popular. At least halfway through, having an awesome original theme song was still important although the film overture may have died out. The teen or adult oriented cartoon also became increasingly acceptable. Welcome to the 90s everyone :laugh: .

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We lost

Sammy Davis Jr


Dr. Seuss


Jim Henson


Redd Foxx


Stanley Kubrick


King Hussein of Jordan


Menachem Begin


John F. Kennedy Jr.


Audrey Hepburn


Patricia Nixon


Charles Bukowski


in the 90's.

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Thanks guys :laugh: . There's also a really good VH1 series of the same name if I can find it...Is that DOOM by any chance the same thing the 'DOOM' movie is named after?


Its ironic that MK and COP are here as I forgot to mention the supermodel scene as I'm sure they can elaborate on that better than I :heythere: .

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I love that song :chicken: . They were way better than Audioslave to me :Angel: . His voice was stronger and the drumming and overall instrumentation was better too. Rusty Cage is another one of theirs that I like in a simular way.

Not familiar with all of the Australian classics. Will have to check them all out :yes: .

Thanks, COP and as to the SI thing, wow, attack of the 50 Foot woman :o and flexible too :blush: . I mean that in a good way as I like women that can drag me to their cave :blush: . The jump split in particular may very well be my new best SI swimsuit pic ever. That's not to say I don't like small women too though.

I haven't heard of that show, but a catchy theme anyway :yes: .

Another Simpsons song...

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