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Boy kills himself over penis size!


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Man kills self over genital size


Singapore, April 20, 2006

An 18-year-old Singaporean student committed suicide last month because he was convinced his penis was too small, a report said on Wednesday.

State Coroner Tan Boon Heng said the case highlighted the importance of sex education in schools and recommended the details be forwarded to the education ministry, the Straits Times reported.

The teenager, who was not named, jumped from a building on March 3. A suicide note explained why, an investigation to determine the cause of death said.

"He said it was not due to the stress of his examination, but it was more about his physical development... He still knew there was something wrong with his body parts," said the report quoted by the newspaper.

It said the teenager had confided in his mother in October 2005 that he was worried about the size of his penis. She took him to a clinic where a doctor said it was normal for an Asian man and prescribed multi-vitamins.

State Coroner Tan said the boy's case showed that even in the age of the Internet when information can be easily obtained, "the less informed also become victims to junk information and worse, untruths."

Psychiatrist Daniel Fung, deputy chief of the child and adolescent department at the Institute of Mental Health, said the teenager might have been suffering from depression.

"It might be more about depression than his private parts being too small," Fung told AFP.

"Sometimes depression can lead to delusions about how you look and how you are. It makes you see things from a dark perspective."


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maybe there were some (or lots of) bastards who joked with his size

wouldn't doubt it. That makes me so mad. I hate when people make fun of other people. It makes me want to punch them.

Psychiatrist Daniel Fung, said the teenager might have been suffering from depression.

ya think? wow, i'm glad he went to college to state the obvious.

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this is crazy how such a stupid little things can make you depressive and then lead you to desperate acts.

yes, this can be something else, but you know something when depression attack you it eats you alive and f*cks up every things. at the beginning it only affects 1% of the person you are, to progressively become 100%.

depression detroy people and when they are depressive they can make things like eat a lot so become fat, or don't it so be skinny, so it create another physical trouble + health issues, sometimes they don't sleep, so the result is the same and after a while their thoughts are not as clear as they could be when they are fine and relaxed and they can be irritated so it can create conflicts with other people etc etc etc. it's a vicious circle. and more all this grow up and more it destroys you and in the end you "explose" because this is too much for you.

by the way, yes maybe other people influenced him, that's a possibility but as they said, he was in the average for an asian guy. so maybe i'm wrong but i hardly imagine something as ridiculous as be harassed by the members of the "gang-of-giant-cocks" in his high school or city because they are the only guys who could influenced him... not the majority of other guys who are also still in the average and certainly not the small ones...

it just sad, creepy and stupid to kill himself because of his penis when he even didn't start his sexual life because come on 18 years old! what can you really know about sex at this age?

if he was 40 years old and spent 20 years to have an horrible sexual life and can't have kids and nothing ok but this... but that's life and humans are like this sometimes. everyone has a tard but some are more dangerous than others unfortunately.

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