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Avatar and Signature Request Thread

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WOW those are HOT JMAN :drool: :drool:

i LOVE THEM, especially the first one

JMAN is there a way to make the avatar bigger?? sorry for being so picky :(

Now I wait for someone to make a sig :( Maybe I will find pictures of it and post here so it will be easier for people.

Okay so I scouranged (sp?) the interwebz looking for some pics but could only find three from the Gucci site.

So I made a quick sig:


If you want to edit the text, here's the .psd sig1.psd

I know it's not the greatest set ever, and you don't have to use it, I won't feel bad. Critism is good, constructive of course :cain:

Regarding making the avatar bigger, I could make it bigger, but I would have to pan & scan the video (chop off a bit of the sides and zoom in), which can be done ;)

Oh and here are the pics if you or someone else wants to use them:

post-18219-1202298884_thumb.jpg post-18219-1202298915_thumb.jpg post-18219-1202298923_thumb.jpg

Thank you so much jman

as for the criticism, I like it, its not bad at all really. :) Just the text seems weird but I might edit it.

AND YES about making the avatar bigger, that would be WONDERFUL if you can do that

I will use the set once you make the avatar bigger. Thanks again for all the work, its much appreciated.

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